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Early Dev / Re: Rogue Survivor Alpha 4.11
« on: September 15, 2010, 10:11:42 PM »
 ;D ;D ;D

Very nice job!!  I love your game.

I have a few suggestions (i posted to the wiki before finding the forum)
The biggest one for me is: *option* to severely limit the amount of supplies able to be found everywhere. I want to be really excited when I finally get a gun! Maybe needing to trade or even kill for ammo and food. I've found this game far too easy to amount supplies. Hopefully it gets harder after surviving for weeks or months but it would be 'fun' to scrounge from the beginning.

Edit:  Hm.. It seems I can balance this with the amount of citizens to some degree. Maybe not all that important...

Other fun things that would just be icing:

- Civilians that horde stuff and get angry when you take from their stash..

- Civs that will steal from you and even kill you for your stuff if they're desperate enough. (Civs could be just as dangerous as zombies, even more so..)

One more thing that would be great: Auto save game when shift-Q quiting. Just lost a day 9 on full everything except starting zombies... owel.   ;D

(Beautiful game! Thanks a lot! You are current king amongst me and all my roguely friends!)

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