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Player's Plaza / Looking for rougelike game from my childhood
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:22:22 PM »

I´m looking for a rougelike game i played in my childhood. I think i got the game from a cd with a lot of other programs that was bundled with a swedish computer magazine in the 90s-00s.

The game is top-down view, random generated, perma-deth, monster encounters, treasure.

You are a stick man that flex each time you take a step in either direction.

You start the game on the top level. This level is a big square/rectangle but you dont see the edges or anything until you start exploring.

On this first level you find some gold, a fountain, icons you can interact with (for example a yellow dollar sign) and a staircase.

You go down to the second level where you are in a kind of a maze with doors, monsters and treasure. Suddenly it can happen that you fall down 1-2 levels. There you encounter better loot but monsters are very strong.

Does anyone recognize this game?
I have tried to search for pictures on internet but can´t find my game.

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