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OK, Terminal.PutExt is just awesome.  I have creatures vibrating wildly within their cell for a moment when damaged, and it was extremely easy to add with BearLibTerminal. Brief video preview:  I'm going to try to port BearLibTerminal to Mac OSX soon (a friend who looked into the code told me that the same X11 window API used on Linux should mostly work on OSX), but first I am having trouble building the lib on Windows -- I posted an issue on BitBucket.  I'm really hoping that the Mac port is feasible and can be incorporated into the main code, at least, if I ever get it to work. Cfyz, are you opposed to using a cross-platform library that handles windowing on the (perfectly reasonable) grounds of not wanting a sizable extra dependency, or is there some technical aspect of BearLibTerminal that makes SFML, GLFW, or similar libraries unusable with it?

Yep, that was it. I committed the 2-character change and now it works. You're a master! Now I just need to make a game...

I just posted an update to GitHub, using 0.11.4, and I have a screenshot, log, and debug build.
Code: [Select]
09:39:39.901 [Info] Trying to set "window: title='Dungeon Rising', size=110x45; font: ./Zodiac-Narrow-6x12.png, size=6x12, codepage=./custom.txt;"
09:39:39.904 [Debug] Group "window":
09:39:39.904 [Debug] * "size" = "110x45"
09:39:39.905 [Debug] * "title" = "Dungeon Rising"
09:39:39.905 [Debug] Group "font":
09:39:39.906 [Debug] * "codepage" = "./custom.txt"
09:39:39.906 [Debug] * "name" = "./Zodiac-Narrow-6x12.png"
09:39:39.907 [Debug] * "size" = "6x12"
09:39:39.907 [Debug] Tileset resource name "./Zodiac-Narrow-6x12.png" is recognized as a name of a bitmap resource
09:39:39.908 [Debug] Bitmap tileset: failed to parse guessed tile size, not an error
09:39:39.909 [Debug] Requested resource "./custom.txt" with possible prefix "codepage-"
09:39:39.909 [Debug] Requested resource "./Zodiac-Narrow-6x12.png" with possible prefix "tileset-"
09:39:39.911 [Trace] Loaded PNG image, 768x24
09:39:39.911 [Debug] Tileset has 128x2 tiles
09:39:39.912 [Debug] Successfully loaded a tileset for base code 0
09:39:39.912 [Debug] Reloaded the tileset with base code 0
09:39:39.913 [Trace] Scheduling texture #103078664 for removal
09:39:39.914 [Trace] Added tile texture #103078664
09:39:39.914 [Info] Added Unicode replacement character tile (6x12)
09:39:39.915 [Debug] SetOptions: new cell size is 6x12
09:39:39.915 [Debug] SetOptions: new window size is 110x45

Debug Build: x86
and x64

Quendus, your answer seems likely, given the log; it mentions loading the png but not the codepage.

Yeah, I posted a working version to Github, the line I highlighted didn't have a codepage set. If you still have the project, change the only line that calls Terminal.Set (it's in Entry.cs, method Run) to:
Code: [Select]
Terminal.Set("window: title='Dungeon Rising', size=110x45; font: ./Zodiac-Narrow-6x12.png, size=6x12, codepage=./custom.txt;");I've set it to copy custom.txt (in each of the Runner projects) to the output directory, same as the png. cfyz, I'll try 0.11.4 now, could you maybe fiddle with the codepage settings in that line?

My source is here, in case there's something obviously wrong:  The code starts in DungeonRising/Entry.cs (here; it calls Terminal.Put(int, int, char) each time it wants to render something.

This is quite nice. I've got it working with C# already, I have dungeon generation ported in from an earlier game project, and the API of BearLibTerminal seems quite well-thought-out. Kudos! I'm just not sure how to use a custom codepage. If I have an image like, where the first row corresponds to Unicode U+0000-U+007F, and the second row to U+2500-U+257F , how would I get the codepage to load? I've already tried making a file, custom.txt , with the text "U+0000-U+007F, U+2500-U+257F" like the encodings in BLT's source use, but every glyph displays as a box (the not-found glyph). Does the file have to be an embedded resource? The image isn't...

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