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v0.4.4 released!

- Fixed bug with captives counting against your passenger space (fer realz, this time!).
- Fixed bug when calculating the payment for "Join Convoy" missions.
- Asteroid fields now gradually thin out as you reach the edge.
- You will now be able to enter autopilot if there are enemy ships nearby, but they aren't attacking you.
- When escorting a ship, you can now order it to engage hostiles.
- Miscellaneous minor changes and fixes to escort/convoy missions.
- When escorting a ship to a docking, the ship to dock with will now engage hostiles instead of just sitting there.
- During ground combat, innocent bystanders will now move away from the combatants.
- Missions are now sorted in the order they're accepted (first to last).
- Your risk of being scanned at a nav point is now based on: your confed and militia standing, how often you've been caught smuggling in the past, how controlled the nav point is by confeds and militia, and whether or not you've just attacked or destroyed any pirates, retros or Kilrathi at that nav point.


- First Linux release!
- Fixed bug with captives counting against your passenger space.
- Fixed bug with '2' and '3' not toggling guns on/off.
- Fixed bug with wrong names for named ejected pilots.
- Fixed bug with contents of mission cargo containers.
- Fixed bug with ship sending docking message while fighting.
- Fixed bug with the tracking of critical wounds.
- Fixed bug with locking missiles when flying a capital ship.
- Added "+FirstName+" and "+LastName+" script functions.
- Added nav bouys to "empty" nav points.
- Added type of ship to escort in mission descriptions for escort missions.
- Added an icon to the Win32 executable.
- Added ship stats to the manual.
- Added keypad support.
- Bases you're banned from will now also show up as red on the quadrant map.
- The nav computer will now tell you where to collect payment.


- Fixed bug with circular wipein when starting new game.
- Fixed bug with the ship dealer's dialogue disappearing too quickly.
- Fixed bug with placement of characters in hidden area on Loye Naval Base.
- You can no longer enter autopilot if your speed is set to zero.
- Implemented user scripted quests.

For more information about quests and how to make your own:

v0.3.4 released!

- Fixed bug with critical wounds not decreasing health.
- Fixed bug with the sound of static on your target display "sticking".
- Fixed bug with displaying hidden/unhidden contraband.
- Fixed bug with long movie filenames.
- Fixed bug that wouldn't create your contact when trying to collect payment for an on-ground assassination mission.
- Fixed bug that made typing the letter 'q' impossible.
- Fixed seven other bugs that potentially caused crashes.
- Increased the time it takes to land on a base or planet.
- Killing Retros and Kilrathi will now also increase your standing with Hunters.
- Added more detailed messages when scooping cargo.
- If scooping cargo, but you haven't enough space for all of it, the remaining cargo won't be destroyed anymore.
- Added targeting of cargo containers and ejected pilots (SHIFT+T).
- Cargo containers and ejected pilots will now also show up on the radar.
- For missions where you have to collect the payment, your Quine will now tell you whether or not you've collected it.
- You will no longer get fined for assaults and murders on pirate bases (you'll still be banned, though).
- You won't always be scanned for contraband anymore (there's a 50% chance).
- You can now move the viewable area when targeting.
- Lowered the price of hidden compartments to 2000 credits.
- Added a window icon.


v0.3.3 released!

- Fixed bug with asteroid fields.
- Fixed a couple of bugs with movie recording.
- Fixed bug with options being reset when entering the Movie Player menu.
- Added a sound effect when jumping.
- ALT+ENTER will now also switch between fullscreen and window mode.
- The player's health (and equipment in the left and right hands) will now be shown all the time. Combat Mode is instead indicated by red borders.

I've released the latest version of Privateer: Ascii Sector, which is compiled for Win32 and has music and sound effects.

Privateer: Ascii Sector v0.3.1 released!

- Fixed bug with missions to Trou in the Bastille system.
- Fixed bug with the commodity market of Daedalus in the Icarus system.
- Added a new system and a new base.

At long last, version 0.3!

The most important change in this release is the character combat system. You can now attack characters on bases, and you have an inventory and health.

The full list of changes:

- Fixed bug that sometimes caused the program to crash when entering the movie player.
- Fixed a couple of pricing bugs when selling and buying a ship. This means that the jump drive is no longer included when buying a new ship.
- Ships will now try to avoid friendly fire, when shooting. If it is slowing down the game too much, switch Friendly Fire back to Yes in the options menu.
- Ships will now keep a greater distance to each other in order to avoid crashes between friendly ships.
- Repair Droid will now also repair while the autopilot is engaged.
- Holding down 'M' and pressing a directon key will now move the viewable area on a base without moving the player.
- Changed the load game menu slightly so that there is no more need for the SAVES.TXT file in the SAVES folder.
- Changed the icon for an ejected pilot to the dot that is also used for characters on the ground.
- Added 5 new systems.
- Added 6 new bases.
- Added character combat.
- Added new fixer mission: kill a person on a base or planet.
- Added new Mercenaries' Guild mission: bounty hunting capture alive.
- Added a player inventory/equipment screen.
- Added a shooting range on Manurhin in the Vichy system.
- Added equipment shops to most bases.
- Added AutoDoc booths to most bases.
- Added an in-game help screen (press F10 or 'H').
- Added military rank to names of some characters on confederation bases.
- New player's manual in PDF format with more detailed instructions and screenshots.

There are probably some bugs left and the character combat probably needs to be balanced a bit more, but it seems to work pretty well. Let me know what you think and be sure to report bugs and crashes!

Following this release, I'll be working on two different things. For version 0.4 I'll be adding the ability to walk around on your ship, both while flying in space and when landed on a planet. This will be extended for version 0.4.1, where you will be able to board other ships and engage in combat on board ships (other ships will also be able to disable your ship and board you). Besides working on these future versions, I'm currently moving away from programming in Borland Pascal 7.0. Instead, I'll be programming in FreePascal and use SDL for all video, keyboard and mouse functions. FreePascal and SDL is platform independent, which means that I will be able to compile the game for Windows, Linux and (theoretically) Mac. I'll also be able to add sound effects and music.

Post all your feedback at the Ascii Sector forum:


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