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Programming / A little NetHack project [On the back burner]
« on: June 03, 2009, 09:30:26 AM »
Poking about today, got to drawing up some NetHack sprites for a Fushigi no Dungeon styled engine. Here's a sample, it's nothing much yet, but so far I've got three of the character classes animated.

Also, sorry for the Bitmap format. My computer died and I am having to use a backup 1500 megabyte hard disk, so I have to poke at things with a Windows 98SE approach. Yuck!

Anyways, I plan to redraw each and every monster in the game in this style, as well as all the tiles. And hopefully make a Fushigi no Dungeon styled Nethack game, eventually.

Other Announcements / Rogue Genesis
« on: January 11, 2008, 08:09:08 PM »
Hello, Those who follow the path of the Roguelike!

I'm making a small, dungeon-crawling roguelike called Rogue Genesis. Based on Japan's Fushigi no Dungeon series (Seen in america as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) yet with the features of some Rogue-styled games, I'm trying to replicate Rogue's dungeon-crawler feel with a simplified GUI and less buttons (Hit e to eat? Nonsense! Open your inventory, go to some rations or something, and hit the spacebar).

Of course, I'm still refining the graphics (they're pretty ripe right now) and some gameplay mechanics (Enemies are stupid... Only some move correctly and it is hard to kill them). Saving your game works 100% OK, but still has yet to implement the position of Enemies or Items. I'm working on it.

So, no playable demo, but lots of updates and a forum to speak about this young project at the website...

Anyways, additional info can be obtained from the forum by asking (you don't have to register) or just ask me here. You can also e-mail me ( if you have any comments or thorough inquiries about the project.

Thank you~

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