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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn Based) / Parasite v0.7.1
« on: November 20, 2019, 07:21:06 PM »
Hey, everyone.

I've been working off an on on a medium-sized roguelike set in a modern day for a couple years now. The gameplay is survival horror-themed: you play as this parasitic creature that can only survive while sitting on top of a host that is large enough to feed it with energy (i.e. a human or a dog). You can gain knowledge, evolve and grow stuff on hosts. Eventually the midgame opens up that is focused on piecing together the events that happened before the game start while staying below the radar and then the game goes into the endgame phase, the point of which I'll keep a secret :)

Features include:
  • A fully generated modern-day city to explore and survive in.
  • A single story scenario that starts with the main protagonist alone, scared and without any memories in a hostile human world.
  • Possession mechanics that is critical to the player survival (see, you just die very fast without a host).
  • Robust host inventory, skills and knowledges system.
  • Player evolution unlocking new improvements and body features for the possessed hosts.
  • Building and improving habitat to rest and recuperate.
  • Separate difficulty settings for all key parts of the game that will be prompted organically during its course.
  • Event timeline investigation to piece together both what has happened before and what to do next.
  • A dangerous group of opponents that is tasked with finding and destroying threats to humanity (that is, you).

Now available on Steam:

You can play the web version and purchase the game here:
The web version contains all of the code and content except most of the music due to engine limitations. If you purchase the game on, you also gain access to Windows binaries which have better sound quality and all of the music. Also if you're into the ASCII, there's a completely free version, too, at Github with the code is here:

The game is still in development but fully completable (has been for quite some time). I've just released a new version which adds the music, sound effects and ambience, allows mouse clicking the HUD elements and options window, adds a new habitat growth and does some gameplay fixes and changes. You can read the dev blog post at

Here are some free keys for the game:

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