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Programming / iPhone Rogue-like in JavaScript
« on: October 08, 2007, 11:00:21 PM »
In an effort to have something interesting to do on the iPhone besides listen to Podcasts, and as an advanced JavaScript learning experience, I've decided to start up a Rogue-like game for the iPhone.

No server-side component beyond basic web-hosting; saving is done via a cookie in the browser (even the cookie is a JavaScript snippet!)

I wanted to stay far away from any input requiring the keyboard, and the phone lacks onmousedown/onmouseup/onmouseover events so the controls are basically "click on a square to move/activate/pickup".

The code is coming along fairly well; the levels, monsters, spells, items, etc not so much. I'm releasing the code under a Creative Commons license, so if you're interested in helping out, I'd be happy to have contributors (particularly content developers; perhaps you can write up a nice level editor, or a random level generator?)

Play, comment, criticize, contribute at

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