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Early Dev / Eidolons - a hardcore roguelike rpg, closed beta coming
« on: May 01, 2018, 08:08:08 PM »
Hail friends, I am Alex, a warm greeting from Siberia to you  ;)
Following a friend’s advice, I am finally posting here! (Mostly because I am now gathering people for the closed-beta, you can subscribe here via mailChimp (widget on the right); or via google groups)

So, I’m a solo dev who’s been working a bit against the common advice and trying to make a real rpg all by myself and without even using a game engine... Well, after seven years of inevitable bumps and clogs, I think I’m finally close! Let me present you my work...

“Eidolons: Mists of Ersidris” is an epic roguelike rpg set in a dark fantasy world. It has turn-based (ATB)combat, tile-based dungeons, real-time exploration (with pause) and global map adventuring.

The game is hardcore, crazy-deep, somewhat oldschool, with a dnd'esque feel. I guess it is rather niche, many people asked me why not simplify it... But one can only really do well things that one loves, I suppose. So, a game for true aficionados of the genre :)
You will find a thorough description here (I also keep my devlog there):

Some screenshots (sorry for the sizing   :D)

Also, you may want to check out my post with more screenshots and some gifs:

In “Eidolons”, there are many unique/experimental systems, expanding the ideas of Attack of Opportunity, Sneak Attack,  and also introducing super-realistic visibility and information systems.
All of those rules and system follow the principle of gritty realism - wounds, bleeding, exhaustion, panic (auto-retreat) and confusion (random actions) are all a part of the experience :)

Hero creation is based on the same principle - no simplifications, just all-round depth, with 10 attributes, 45 mastery types/skill trees, 22 magic schools and 9 class trees. You can really create whatever monstrocity you care to imagine (don’t ask me about balance yet, I’m getting there! :)).

The core idea is giving more power and freedom to the players, then setting them before hard challenges, so they get a lasting sense of achievement and fulfillment... Otherwise, why bother with all the rules? :)

Now, I don’t want to blaze my own trumpet too much yet, let’s just say that the game has, I believe, enough depth to satisfy even the most restless tacticians and character-builders.

On a final note, I guess I should mention that the game is built on top of a veritable heap of lore that I’ve been writing for years. It goes well beyond classic high fantasy (which is the setting for the game itself), I’m excited to see how it all comes together :) If you’re interested in arcane and weird stuff, esoterics and world-building - you may want to keep an eye out for Eidolons :)
I will put some of the Lore into game campaigns gradually, but my focus is now on mechanics of combat and hero creation.

Here is the actual map of Ersidris peninsula 

And here is a small bit as seen in-game, right from the center of our dark peninsula :)

The game is set for release on this September, then (hopefully) on Steam some 4-5 months after.

Here are some more links you may follow:

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