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7DRLs / [Successish] Schwarzwald Slaughter, 7drl 2017
« on: March 03, 2017, 09:47:01 PM »
The Schwarzwald Slaughter - a success of sorts


Linux 64bit:
Windows download coming once I figure out how to set it up.

The Schwarzwald Slaughter is a short combat-focused roguelike inspired by Cardinal Quest 2, Hoplite and my 2016 7drl, Mad Maximillian's Codpiece (it is basically a sequel). The game involves making it through 9 levels of forest. There's no bump-to-attack, rather the way you move next to enemies determines the attack you use. Attacks have a fixed damage, modified by equipment in one of two ways:

1) A modifier to the damage of certain attack types.
2) A modifier to attacks that land on certain squares around the player. These will be indicated by colored backgrounds.

There are a few different enemies with different attacks available to them. Enemies on later levels have more hp.

Each time the player moves, they will make every attack the move allows, potentially attacking up to seven enemies at once, encouraging an aggressive playstyle.

The game will be made in python an libtcod, and will be available as binaries for at least Linux 64bit and Windows (propably 32 bit or whatever I can get working).

This is my second 7drl, and also my second ever completed game (well, not that my last year's game was that complete), and lacks several features I'd like to have and is quite buggy.

I started on 03-05 at 15:07 and type this around 14:30 on 03-12.

Now for a bit of postmortem, or "What went wrong":

Mostly I worked on the game way too little. I had 3 days during the week that I got nothing done and a few with way too little done. The result is a game that lacks a lot of features: there are only forest maps, and they are really lazy too, there's only 2 types of equipment and only seven items per type, there are no ranged attacks, some known but hard to squash bugs remain and the ingame help and readme.txt are both a bit unclear and there are problems with the visuals (some character and background color combinations make it difficult to see enemies and terrain.

What went well:
I'd say this game is better than my last year's effort, especially the more deterministic combat mechanics. The aesthetics are, while not as nice imo as last year, still quite adequate, except for a few problems. This game features more codpieces than last year, though still no pictures of them. 

All in all, was a fun week again, will try again next year.

[EDIT]: Haha, just noticed the screenshot had a message that didn't fit the screen. Realistic though, the game doesn't check for it, so I'll just leave it there.

7DRLs / Mad Maximillian's Codpiece (7DRL 2016 SUCCESS)
« on: March 05, 2016, 12:10:54 PM »
So, a success, though not as good as I had hoped. Still, it is a game, maybe even an interesting one.
Download links:
Windows version (32bit I think)
Linux 64bit version
readme.txt that I forgot to put in the packages. Oops.
I'll try to get a 32bit linux version and maybe a mac version up too.

A bit of a postmortem:

Things I succeeded in:
- I set out to make a true coffeebreak game, with a length of 10-15 minutes. In the end a single game can easily be completed in 5 minutes, which is even better.
- The mechanics in the game are, while certainly not perfect, functional and somewhat interesting.
- I like how the game looks (except for the second and third levels). I think the colors are nice, at the very least they are quite inoffensive.
- It has codpieces.

Things I failed in:
- Coding, mostly. Trying to figure out how to do simple things and hunting for stupid typos took way too much time and energy. But that's mainly down to too little experience, a problem easily fixed, at least in time for next year.
- There are bugs left in the code that I know of, but can't find the reason for. Attacking multiple enemies at once sometimes fails and leaves one alive. Enemies occasionally spawn inside walls, though only at the edges of rooms, so they step out of them quickly. Sometimes they spawn on top of each other. I've gone through the code and find no reason for such behavior. I'll probably  post a bug-fix version later.
- I didn't have time to add quite a few features. For now there are only three maptypes and the 'story' is the same each game. The level generators are bad and produce very similiar, quite ugly levels (though the forest maps look nice I think). There are no items (I had planned to add something like three consumables, nothing more).
- It has no pictures of codpieces.

All in all, making the game was tough and fun and interesting. I'm very happy to have made a (somewhat) finished game, hopefully by this time next year there will be a couple more.

/Hrakanku, with 39 minutes left on the clock


Hi everyone, my first post on the forum.

I'll be making my first 7DRL (and my first finished RL, and my first finished game actually (well, hopefully finished at least)). The game will be a genuine coffeebreak roguelike, something around 6-15 minutes in length I think, with tactical combat, minimal controls and no bump-to-attack, heavily influenced by Hoplite. The setting is a post-apocalyptic 16th century Germany, with no fantasy elements but a bit of alternate-history fun stuff. And a lot of codpieces. The setting will not be a huge part of this game, but will feature more strongly in a few projects I'll hopefully be releasing later.

Edit: I will be using python & libtcod, and some code from my other, somewhat unnamed rl project.

Also, starting now, at 10.53 03/06.

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