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7DRLs / Blackguard (7DRL 2014)
« on: March 30, 2014, 01:51:22 AM »
I finally managed to get a Windows build together for my 7DRL, Blackguard, so I figured I’d post an update here. Details and download links for the Windows and Linux versions can be found at

This was my first time entering the 7DRL Challenge, and I’m fairly happy with how it went overall, even though the game didn’t turn out quite how I wanted. Most of the actual gameplay was hacked in over the last couple of days, which didn’t leave much time for tuning and playtesting. The official review of the game reflects my own thoughts on it pretty well, actually, though I probably would have rated it lower! That said, I learnt a great deal from the process and successfully shipped a complete game, which I’ve never done before.

I consider this to be the first step in a longer-term plan to create a more ambitious roguelike-ish game that I’ve wanted to make for a long time, and I’m planning to update Blackguard in the coming weeks and months as I continue to refine the underlying library code.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise the competition!

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