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Programming / RogueLike in facebook
« on: October 07, 2012, 02:43:20 PM »
Hello Roguelike fans,

I was thinking about the idea of creating a roguelike that is multiplayer. As in multiplayer I mean that you each take turns. For example in a game with two players the first players does 10 turns with his character. When the first player completed his turns he got to wait for the second player to complete his. When the second player competed his turns the creeps moves on the map. And then it starts over to the player one again.

As you might imagine a game would probably take a while before it's over. Because of this you could have multiple games with different friends. And perhaps make all your turn for each game like 2-3 times a day or more if the other player is very active in the game.

This idea would result in some interesting gameplay as you play as a team through the dungeons. To understand what's going on before you start your turn the player can send some messages to the other player. These messages are presented as notifications on the screen. So the player can keep up what the plan is to do next. Also every move you make will be written in a log so the other player can read the moves you have done ex:
<Player 1> killed orc.
<Player 1> gave you meat.
<Player 1> went down stairs.
(as the players is down stairs and you don't see him you will not get any messages for these events)

When I was thinking about which would be the best way to present such a game. I found that there was no RogueLike game on facebook. And this would be a perfect fit on facebook in my opinion. As you already have all your friends there and it would be easy to invite someone for a game.

Problems I have been thinking about would be the storage. As a games grows in size as the players discover more areas. And in the end there would probably massive amount of data for each game.

What are you guys opinion on this idea? Would anyone be interested in helping developing such a game?

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