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Classic Roguelikes / Questions about NLarn.
« on: July 19, 2012, 02:42:19 AM »
I'm still pretty new to these forums, so sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I'll remove this(if possible) if I'm breaking rules.

I'm still pretty new to NLarn, and haven't made it past floor 3 of the cave, mostly because of gnome lords. Here are my questions:

1) My weapons break a lot. Like, 2 battles and my elven short sword breaks. I had a two handed sword that lasted a floor and a half once. Are they supposed to break this often? Fighting training doesn't seem to help.

2) How many floors are there in the cave and volcano? I like to take a very slow pace, constantly going back to town to sell my loot after clearing a floor. I'm just curious if I need to go faster in order to win.

3) Were is that cure potion for the daughter? I read somewhere it was in the cave, and another source said that it was in the volcano.

4) Is it necessary to save the daughter? Like, will the game automatically end if I don't make it in time?

5) I like training at the school, but is it neccessary to clear the cave?

6) Is it necessary to clear the entire cave?

I'm more concerned about questions 1 and 4.

Oh, the reason I posted this to Major Roguelikes is because Larn is pretty old right?

7) Does a roguelike being old mean that it's major?

Thanks to everyone who helps!

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