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Off-topic (Locked) / legend of grimrock
« on: April 12, 2012, 01:31:29 PM »
This looks like a pretty sweet, indie dungeon crawler you guys might enjoy.

I found this review:

It was released yesterday, I think I'll buy it. Has anyone tried it?

Off-topic (Locked) / 0.2beta 2.7 1.0.1 v0.2 alpha5
« on: January 12, 2011, 07:06:55 PM »
Dear rogue community, you are obsessed with versions and numbers and alphas and betas.

That is all.

Oh and this:

But it doesn't really make sense. For games. I think not.

Early Dev / The Adventures of Fred, Jane and Sexmachine #html5 #realtime
« on: January 10, 2011, 10:02:42 AM »
After a period of lurking I am finally working on a project that might be to your liking. Though, I'm not sure it's a rogue (yet). You decide :)

This is what I aim for:

   * tactical fighting, melee & ranged
   * grand story with hand-made maps and non-interactive dialog-system
(you are setting up situations & the characters react. This is more of an atmosphere thing then a game mechanic)
   * harvesting, barricading, burning integral parts of game
   * the current, crude graphics style will probably stay and be slightly enhanced
(I want all items and concepts to be visible so either ASCII or this. All items are visibly attachable to the characters)
   * lots of fun and unique items and enemies that tie into the story
(but probably not more then say 100. I need to tune & balance them :|)
   * html5, playable in all modern browsers
(currently works best in Chrome)

Why, yes.. i have heard of the awesome

update edit: forgot the most important link: here you can play the tech demo

As you can hopefully tell I want to work on a story game. I never did a game were the story was of any significance and this time I hope I can merge mechanics and story really tight. If necessary I'll limit the rogue-ness and do less items (I already have only a couple of maps planned and no PC what so ever).

I am think about a couple of things right now:

Does the stat system make sense? I, äh, read a lot of stuff linked from the Wikipedia RPG stat pages and this is what I came up with:

Code: [Select]
Two layered skills system
you can upgrade the base attributes once leveling up. the derived skills are, well, derived by some magic formula from the base attributes and can additionally be influenced by carried items.
base attributes
   * dexterity
   * intelligence
   * strength
   * vitality
derived skills
  * max health points (health slowly re-generates)
  * attack speed
  * attack range
  * attack damage
  * movement speed
  * item harvesting speed
  * puzzle solve speed
  * barricading speed

Should I tell the player the magic formula, how base attributes influence derived skills? The items list all the  skills they change. I have an upgrade screen, it looks like this. If he clicks on a skill i could just show with attributes it depends on (oh, and btw i want this game to continue to "work" with a touch interface. it should at least be playable, must not be pleasant).

you get 3 attribute points after surviving another level. distribute them amongst your squad.

What is missing is, I think, a world screen. A city, overview map with markers. You click the marker, your squad goes to that level. That would also give the levels and the game some background: your squad is, me thinks, usually living somewhere safe but only "deploys" to the levels when necessary. kinda like in XCom:UFO, everyone went crazy over that (I have zombies. so even cooler).

And I need inventory management. The players must be able to put the items they found into a safe in their home base. Now that I write that down, it would be pretty awesome to have all the players on the server have a market. That should be easy. Turn based bidding or just plain buy / sell prices. that would also instantly make harvesting and barricading more sensible to do and spend valuable ammo on and time on....

Awesome idea lol, now I don't want to keep writing that post.. sorry, I'll be back :)

ps.: update, well at least I added the images
pps.: also i found this image and it reminded me that i wanted to talk about the easy art-pipeline & general content-pipeline i have .. which i hope helps me finish this one. one image for that would have been:

different monster types. those are for a highway level.

ppps.: and to defend the strange "the story is important" notion i wanted to write more about that. I think, like everyone after minecraft, we should strengthen the user created story by providing good story possibilities and, me thinks, some stock scenes, good characters with duke nukem like rememberability (but less nude and.... more art! definitely going to put int some art. Also:


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