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Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Cavern
« on: August 08, 2015, 05:20:01 PM »
Just in case anyone hasn't seen it, I can highly recommend the "Cavern" roguelike on iOS, for anyone looking for portable roguelikes

Since I discovered it I've been playing it at every opportunity in work, and quite a lot at home too, it's that good (in my opinion). I think the biggest draw for me is having a town that you can teleport back to where you can sell your unwanted stuff and upgrade your gear, along with the Diablo-esque generated items that you come across.

I emailed the author with some feature requests for the next version (there is another version on the way), so hopefully some of those might be incorporated. Unforunately the next version will rqeuire iOS 7, which is too new for my iPod Touch 4, but I'm seriously considering upgrading to iPod Touch 5 just so I can play the next version, which seems will be even better.

I also asked the author if an Android version was in the works (I have a much newer Android device), but it seems like that is on hold, for now at least, but that it could be possible in the future.

But yes, an excellent portable Roguelike in my opinion, certainly the best one I've come across so far.

Classic Roguelikes / Deep Roguelikes on iOS and Android?
« on: October 20, 2013, 02:02:49 PM »
I've seen lists online of some of the more popular Roguelikes for iPhone (I have an iPod Touch 4G) and Android (I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2). But most of them (particularly the iOS ones) seem to be very simple and basic i.e. you kill monsters, pick up stuff, and so on. I've played a few of the more shallow ones, and I end up getting bored and playing something else instead. So does anyone know of any Roguelikes on iOS or Android which have a bit more depth to them?

So far I've looked at these links:

iOS -
Android -

Brogue apparently has "deep environment effects", which I like, but that's iPad only I think. "Sword of Fargoal" apparently has an "excellent contextual action system" e.g. items like shields degrade over time (I would like degrading weapons, because it would keep things fresh having to keep finding new ones), but the game itself sounds fairly shallow. I could also be interested in quests (like ADOM apparently has). And I could also be interested in other genres. I'm loving the look of Rogue Survivor at the moment because I love the zombie apocalypse genre, but that's only PC, and I'm guessing will stay that way. So to sum up, I'm interested in:

Environmental effects
Contextual actions
Other genres

Also, does anyone know how things are going on the portable Roguelike front? Are people still making new ones?

Player's Plaza / Roguelikes on a netbook?
« on: October 13, 2013, 01:37:50 PM »
I'm going on a trip soon, and I'm considering picking up a cheap netbook for some low-level gaming, including roguelikes. So would any old cheap netbook run roguelikes? Or would I need to check the specs? I'm thinking I'd particularly like to play Rogue Survivor, Dwarf Fortress, maybe ADOM and others too.

And can I assume that a netbook is the cheapest way to go for mobile roguelike?

Other Announcements / Running Powder on PSP?
« on: July 04, 2008, 09:15:58 PM »
There seems to be a PSP version of Powder available now (an eboot.pbp file).

Does anyone know what folder this needs to go in on your PSP?
Will it work with the latest PSP firmware version?
Is there any chance it could damage my PSP?

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