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Programming / Big ASCII monsters
« on: August 03, 2008, 03:01:10 AM »
I mean monsters that are larger than 1 cell drawn in ASCII.

Considering LOS, these monsters are must not be taken as another game elements like items, mobs or map tiles.

So I think these monsters must:
1. Be made of personal symbols that is not used by items, monsters and map tiles.
2. Cells of big monster must have equal backgroung color (not black)

Is there any info or advises how to draw (to paint in ASCII) these mobs?

Programming / Multiplayer Roguelike (FleshChasmer Online)
« on: July 15, 2008, 01:44:27 AM »
I'm currently deving a roguelike that supports multyplayer game modes via SplitScreen and (in future) Network game over Lan and Internet.
All "guts" of game is on client-server principle already: One application may run Server and up to 4 clients
Console visuals are hand-coded so tile support is on horizont (althrogh I like ASCI more)
Gaming controls are wide: Keyboard and GamePads with easy ingame remapping (already complited)
Game commands will be executed from list and will have 1-3 quick button slots. Simple and efficent inventory management is also planned.
"One item on a tile" rule. Each item will have a lvl parameter so it will not be overwritten by a any lower levelitem in a big battle where is no intention to loot :)
For game process I prefer realtime, or (better to say ) turn with fixed time(750ms by default)

Here some screenshots of my progress

640x480 PC 3player splitscreen

320x240 Gp2x+Cradle+4gamepads 4player splitscreen

Titedata, Monsterdata e.t.c will be mostly in open-format so please do not post "do not forget my favorite %s monster and %s item" :)
Keep in mind this is not just a roguelike, it is a multiplayer roguelike, so be thinking for your fellow gamers, not for one yourself.
I'm really want to hear suggestions about my project as well as some advises.

My goal is to make cool multiplayer roguelike.

PS: Survival = Fun

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