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Classic Roguelikes / Roguelikes with 16x16 tilesets?
« on: October 23, 2013, 05:13:28 PM »
I enjoy playing roguelikes with tilesets that can be modified. I used to play POWDER a lot and I enjoyed making tilesets to get a fresh feel for it now and then. What other roguelikes are there that have easely moddable tilesets?  :)

Classic Roguelikes / Nethack - autopickup
« on: January 06, 2010, 01:36:24 PM »
How do I turn off the auto pickup feature? it's so annoying

Hm, I remember playing Drash. Didn't see what was so roguelike about it, the maps seemed static >_>
Going to try out Castlevania =)

Add: Hm, CastlevaniaRL was pretty interesting, but very buggy...Enemies can place themselves over you so you can't attack but they can...And enemies can attack diagonaly and you cant?>_>

Traditional Roguelikes (Turn-based) / Tips on easy-to-learn roguelikes?
« on: January 03, 2010, 01:14:51 PM »
I would like some tips on some roguelikes that has a somewhat easy interface, kinda like POWDER.

Roguelikes I've tried:
Nethack - Honestly, I hated it...I didn't like the pet feature, and the interface was way to complicated for me...I could never figure out how to even cast spells XD

Zangband - Pretty fun actually. Good balance. The only thing I didn't like was that the dungeon floors reset so I was farming the first floor on money and worms for exp simly by running up and down the first stairs untill I'm about level 20.

POWDER - My favorite so far, easy to get into, and easy controls which I like. And the ability to make your own tileset makes it even better! Though it lacks something which I can't put my finger on...=/

DoomRL - Fun when you don't have anything to do =)

Programming / Re: My quest to develop a roguelike
« on: January 02, 2010, 03:42:27 PM »
Intersting, thanks.

Programming / My quest to develop a roguelike
« on: January 02, 2010, 12:43:50 PM »
For years I've wanted to make a roguelike. I've played around script languages but I never got the hang of it due to the lack of consistent tutorials...I've been through C to Qbasic and I liked Qbasic the best since it wasn't too complicated and I feel I could use it in the future. If I had someone to learn from. I have a basic grasp of loops and all those things when it comes to scripting. As in: I know what everything and what it does. Another reason I liked Qbasic is becouse I don't need tons and tons and tons of compilers =)

I've also tried some none-scripting game creators like Game Maker which was a bit to messy for my taste.
I've also tried The Games Factory 2, Multimedia Fusion 2 (which as really good if you want to make arcade games) And ofcourse all the RPG Makers. Nothing really had what I needed...

So I thought I should sheck out an open-source roguelike and see how everything was built and hopefully learn that way. Is there any basic roguelike you would recommend that dosn't have too many features? =)

Hi everyone, I've put together a custom tileset of my own that I enjoy alot. Sadly it only works in version 110 and not in 111. Does anyone know how to get custom tilesets to work in version 111?

Other Announcements / A simple roguelike?
« on: October 01, 2009, 03:19:00 PM »
I've mostly been playing Angband and it's varieties: Actually quite fun! Except that the dungeons are generated each time you re-enter the dungeon, which makes me generally run up and down and collect nearby cash and killing easy enemies and just grind, I generally go to level 15 before venturing down to floor 2...And it feels kind of out of place with a re-generating dungeon. But the town is lovely. And the controls are just great. My favorite is Zangband TK atm.

I've also tried Nethack, I simply didn't get it, the controls where way to difficult for me, otherwise it was quite fun, though I missed having a town...

POWDER: This one was really good! Only bad thing is that it lacks a town and it's not that varied =/

Is there anything like Angband with persistant levels and a town, with somewhat easy to learn controlls?

Other Announcements / Roguelike with a "world"?
« on: April 14, 2009, 12:49:59 PM »
I've spent many weeks playing Dwarf Fortress and I've begun to develop a taste for world exploration, so now I was hoping for some tips on roguelikes with not just dungeons to explore, but also a world with cities, dungeons and things like that, preferably with sidequests available from npc's. =)

Programming / My roguelike idea - The zombie survivalist.
« on: November 22, 2008, 07:54:08 AM »
I've been playing roguelikes for years and years and I love 'em. Recently I've developed an interest in making my own roguelike becouse I'm also a zombie survival fan and I have never seen a zombie survival roguelike. I'm still just in the process of finding the coding language I want to use so it will take a very, very long time untill I'm even getting started on the coding.

My idea is something like this:
You start by creating your characters name, pick a gender and a starting age, then you pick what skills he will be good at using, for example: Hand guns, rifles, medicin, lockpicking, sneaking, melee combat, throwing, trapping, unarmed combat, gambling, outdoorsman, speech, barter, climbing and repairing.

Hand gun will determine how well you aim with a hand gun, if you have extremely low points in this skill and still use a hand gun you run a risk of accidently shooting yourself.

Rifles works in the same way as hand guns, only they weight more and causes bigger damage.

Medicin allows you to treat injuries, be it yourself or others. Treating everything from scraped knees to torn limbs.

Lockpicking simply allows you too pick locks, quite handy if you are chased by brain hungry zombies and you need a place to hide.

Sneaking determines how quietly you can move around, for example: You find yourself in a narrow street filled with junk and zombies, if your sneak skill is low you sneaking is rather clumsy. Your character's constantly looking over his shoulder and isn't very focused and might stumble into a trashcan and alert the nearby zombies who in turn will alert more zombies and you find yourself surrounded. The higher the sneaking, the more focused your character is on actually avoiding to make noises.

Melee combat allows you to wield melee weapons, everything from forks to baseball bats too tire irons.

Throwing allows you too throw things, the higher the more precision you get. You can basically throw anything that you are able to lift, be it forks, spoons, trashcans, bricks, grenades or rubberballs. You use what you got ;)

Trapping allows you to use and even make traps to well, trap zombies or other survivors if you wish. You can make everything from spiked pits too snares to dead weight traps. Extremely usefull if you plan on staying in one spot for a long time.

Unarmed combat lets you fight with your hands and feet. Low skilled players will fight quite sluggish and then develop better fighting skills. Different fighting moves like can be learned from magazines. Like karate, taekwondo, boxing etc etc.

Gambling determines your luck in well, gambling. The higher the more likely you are to win at a game.

Outdoorsman determines your survival skills, ranging from fire making too water purification.

Speech determines how well you speak, low skilled players will curse alot and generally express themselves poorly while high skilled players will be able to convince people that what you are saying is a good idea.

Barter determines the prices of things.

Climbing determines how well you can climb things. Low leveled players might only be able to climb onto cars while higher leveled players can climb trees and even buildings to escape the ever grasping claws of death.

Repairing allows you to repair things, be it elevators, cars or vending machines. Ofcourse you need to gather the correct pieces and tools.

Now, the gameplay would work something like this: Once you named your character and picked your skills, you will be dropped in a randomly generated city with a random name. You start unarmed and have some random knick-knacks in your pockets like ciggarettes, lighters or things like that. You simply wander around the city, explore buildings and scavenge for items, find a safe spot to call home and try to defend it the best you can. There will be other survivors aswell that you can interact with, ask them to join you, give them equipment and things like that. They will all have randomly determined personalities. Some might be absolutely psychotic, suicidal or simply just upset about the whole situation. If someone gets bitten they will in time turn into zombies.

The inventory is based on pockets, bags and backpacks.

You will be able to move anything that isn't too heavy. You can for example if you wish gather tons of trashcans, haul them up the stairs in a house and as the zombies gets close you can throw the trashcans at them through a window, or you could use the trashcans to block the door. It's all about scavenging for items that might be usefull and use them in a way you think is best.

The goal is simply too survive as long as you can in the city or find a way to escape.

This project will most likely take me years to complete, if I complete it. I might even give up half way through. Anyway, if someone else thinks this sounds like a good idea you are free to use this idea.

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