Author Topic: GearHead2 v0.626 released  (Read 4139 times)


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GearHead2 v0.626 released
« on: May 18, 2010, 03:44:48 PM »

    * New faction and city-based missions. Also, some new lancemate missions.
    * Largo now Class 6
    * New portraits by Ladi and new sprites by wipmeeniebom
    * Allies get shop discount, enemies get markup (services.pp)
    * Salvaged mecha can’t be sold for much money (arenascript.pp)
    * Increased basic mission rewards by 25% to compensate (arenascript.pp)
    * Sometimes, stores will put items on sale (services.pp)
    * Sales tag displayed in stores (services.pp)
    * Added cost adjust gear option (gearutil.pp)
    * Lancemates won’t learn more skills than limit (arenascript.pp)
    * Fixed Anti-Beam HYPER resistance (action.pp, Ephafn again)
    * Charge attacks should use proper skill (effects.pp, thanks Ephafn)
    * Fixed bug with MonkeyMap AddExit (randmaps.pp)
    * Carve maps can now get an exit (randmaps.pp)
    * Added MissionGiver character description (ghchars.pp)
    * Personadex cost bug fixed (ghintrinsic.pp)

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