Author Topic: PWMangband 1.1.4 released  (Read 2831 times)


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PWMangband 1.1.4 released
« on: June 01, 2010, 12:05:54 PM »

Build 1:

The 1.1.4 version is a milestone version... it includes all changesets from the vanilla Angband bug database up to #1195, which corresponds to the 3.1.0 milestone (plus some features/bugfixes from the 3.1.1 release). Savefile compatibility is ensured with the beta release (for future patches, see note #1).

The list of changes below lists all the changes since the last beta update.

Alignments with Angband 3.x:
- Tone down Troll Priest HP (Angband 3.1.1)
- Add a paragraph about tunneling success in the object description for all items with the TUNNEL flag (Angband 3.1.1)
- Object activations are now described using min/max values instead of base/dice, and take depth into consideration (Angband 3.1.1)
- Make wands/staves easily known to always give info about number of charges when aware (Angband 3.1.1)

Other changes:
- bugfix: fixed incorrect minimum generation level for objects sold in regular shops
- bugfix: items sold by a player in regular shops were considered unidentified for other players, and could be bought for their base price instead of their full price

Then up to Build 2:

This update is the first release with player accounts!!! For now it's a simple feature, mainly aimed at keeping a list of characters.
And I found out that graphics were broken again... so I had to fix that quickly. Complete list of changes below.

Alignments with Angband 3.x:
- Restock general store such that you don't have to buy out a slot to get more items in it (Angband 3.1.1)
- Only curse jewelry with a negative pval (Angband 3.1.1)
- Tone down detection area a bit (Angband 3.1.1)
- Tone down PDSM a bit (Angband 3.1.1)
- Add a couple of extra places where squelch should be checked (Angband 3.1.1)
- Apply ring brands to the object info screen (Angband 3.1.1)
- Learn item flags by use, part one (Angband 3.1.1): stub out a bunch of functions for learning flags, and call them in various places; make get_brand_mult() note down which slays and brands were used; move sense_inventory() to object/identify.c from dungeon.c; make more flags obvious-on-wield
- Start refactoring existing savefile code so it makes more sense (Angband 3.1.1)
- Remove useless junk from the savefiles (Angband 3.1.1)
- Separate out "magic numbers" for monster breath and spell damage into a new file (Angband 3.1.1)

Other changes:
- enhancement: a primitive account system has been implemented to keep track of all characters created; for now, it just allows to enter an account name/password on the client, create or retrieve the corresponding account on the server, display a list of characters attached to the account and let the player choose a character from that list (or create a new character); all orphan characters (characters created prior to the release that are not linked to any account) can be attached to an account by choosing "New character" and entering the character name/password just like before; the default name/password for new characters is set to the account name/password, and it can be changed just like before; the number of characters that can be attached to the same account is limited to 12 for now
- bugfix: manipulating an item on the floor (like inscribing, uninscribing, recharging, identifying, enchanting, zapping a rod, using a charge from a wand/staff...) didn't update the object list subwindow
- bugfix: floor item description in equipment list/object list subwindow was not updated when a rod zapped from the floor was fully recharged again
- bugfix: floor item description in equipment list/object list subwindow was not updated when a corpse on the floor started to rot
- bugfix: floor item description in equipment list was not updated when a corpse on the floor rotted away
- bugfix: items from static levels were still showing in the object list subwindow when a player left that static level
- enhancement: the sound system has been reworked to avoid massive lag when trying to play too many sounds during effects that can affect many monsters at the same time (beam/ball/LOS effects)
- bugfix: PKT_ICKY should always be processed to avoid client from being disconnected during setup state
- bugfix: fixed a client crash when changing graphical mode
- bugfix: log only "panic info save failed" when the game exits improperly, not also "panic info save succeeded"
- enhancement: randart rarity has been increased by 50%

Files updated: client, server, lib, source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location. Don't forget to update both clients and servers...

Note: object.txt has changed, don't forget to delete object.raw before restarting your server; in fact, if you forgot to delete the .raw files after updating to, it would be a good time to do so.

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