Author Topic: Magecrawl Tech Demo III released  (Read 2442 times)


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Magecrawl Tech Demo III released
« on: May 26, 2010, 12:48:21 PM »

Magecrawl Tech Demo III is available for download. The difficulty is a bit harder that I would have liked, but should be playable. You can find it for Windows and Mac here.

The new features compared to the last release include:

    * Skill Tree - This is the headlining feature of this release.
    * Mac Support!
    * Preferences for keyboard mappings with presets for arrow/vim/numberpad.
    * Overlays for multiple targetted effects (Spells like fireball, lightning bolt, and cone of sparks).
    * Welcome Screen
    * Plenty of bug fixes and crash fixes.

To play magecrawl, a few dependencies need to be installed.

    * For Windows - the .NET 3.5 runtime is all that is needed.
    * For Mac - Install mono, SDL, and libpng
          o Since libtcod uses .dylibs for mac, the dependent frameworks need to be installed, not next to the program. I think there is a way around this, but I haven't had time to look into it.
          o On some mac laptops the default resolution will place magecrawl overlapping the dock.  Two workarounds for this include setting the dock to auto-hide or uncommenting the line in Preferences.xml "True" so that magecrawl will run full screen.
          o To run open a terminal to the folder you unziped, and run "mono MageCrawl.exe"

If magecrawl happens to crash, a file called DebuggingLog.txt should be created in the magecrawl directory. Please note that this release is using an SVN version of libtcod, so be forgiving of any issues that crop up. Please send that file along with any description of the issue to chris dot hamons at gmail dot com.

I'm sure there are some Linux fans out there that are wondering why Linux got left in cold. The short answer is that I ran into a last minute issue preventing the new SWIG'ed libtcod from working on my test vmware. As I won't get much time to work on it for the next two weeks, it was either delay the entire release or skip Linux.

I'd love to hear feedback on Magecrawl; the good, the bad, and the flames about using .NET and how it made your goldfish sick. Send them to: chris dot hamons at gmail dot com

Things are going to be be pretty crazy personally for the next two weeks, so if you comment on a post or send me feedback/bug reports, please forgive the long reply times. Once I get past the next two weeks, I should be back on starting for iteration 9.

He's been at it for a good while so congrats on another milestone!   8)
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