Author Topic: Demonhunt 1.3.1 - Very big update!  (Read 3176 times)


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Demonhunt 1.3.1 - Very big update!
« on: March 28, 2010, 08:03:36 AM »
Demonhunt 1.3.1 is now available.

Ok, so i've toiled on this for a while, and while the spellcasting system needs an overhaul, I'm releasing V1.31 today.

There's been a lot of changes, some mentioned below, but the biggies are a ton of unique sound effects for monsters/weapons and a pretty funky soundtrack which i feel does a great job of creating ambience, even if i do say so myself  :D

Download it here:

Big changes to look forward to in this version:
-Healing spells abolished completely - they tend to cause fighters carrying around two sets of gear - one set for fighting, and another magic set for running away and healing. This has increased the difficulty somewhat, but i feel that the game was a little too easy as it was.
-Improved monster pathfinding - they will now try to gang up on you instead of approaching in a column to be slaughtered one by one
-Rings of speed removed completely - sorry guys, but they were seriously injuring the game's balance
-Animations for ranged attacks
-Animations for being hit/drinking potions
-Awesome sound effects :)
-Wicked soundtrack

Big changes planned for the future (v1.4):
-New offensive spells will be added to keep casters interesting
-End bosses will have a lot of new tricks up their sleeve - magic, ranged attacks, summoning, you name it, but i'll leave the details as a surprise :)
-Class based skill system to further differentiate the three player classes