Author Topic: Let's Figure out Mines of Morgoth!  (Read 15346 times)


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Let's Figure out Mines of Morgoth!
« on: April 08, 2010, 05:48:54 PM »
Right, I know I should be about my various studies and doings, but the environment around here is a distracting cleaning frenzy and I'm not feeling so well with the Summer heat arriving early so I decided to see if Mines of Morgoth would work out on this new PC for a change.

IT DOES!  At least, no crashes and such thus far.

So then, the game lacks pretty much anything in the way of tooltips in the demo, or even much exposition as to the basics, so I figured it was high time to reckon a thread to unravel what mysteries we can and take it from there.  Still likely I'll get the full version, but not sure when and after a good bit more experimenting with getting the feel for this.

First off, has anybody figured out the meaning behind the statrolls in terms of tangible doings?  Is is possible to start at better than "average" at any of the skills along the bottom, and what stats govern those?  12hp/3mp seems to be the common thread on all.  Do you get to increase them again at some point? current best is reaching Level 3.


-Any way to run the game windowed or is fullscreen all that is possible?  Tried messing with the shortcut properties but it seemed to make no difference even if I set it to minimized.

-Whom in the town can you go to for ID'ing what you find?  There seems to be a fair variety of things to pick up, and it is hard to say what use, if any, some of it has.

-What are the breakpoints for spell selections per level?  Do they go in chunks of 2-3 per exp level straight down the list or...?

-How does one determine the battle power of a piece of weaponry?  Is it based solely on shop value or?...   Also came across a Dagger (Flame) aside from the starting Dagger (Bodkin)....guessing Bodkin is just the "generic" dagger type?  I know the game does have the +,+ or -,- or whatever mixture thing going that I recognize from some LP's of Angband.

My odd discoveries:

-In what appears to be a brutal move that eschews some stock Roguelike tropes, I came to discover I had a pair of different colored potions that BOTH turned out to be Sleep Potions!  Unless there's some explicit potency differences not expressed via the name of it this surely makes potions a fair bit more of a gamble to quaff.

-Shopkeeps get mad it you try to sell them a cursed item, even if you didn't know the status of it yourself.  I don't THINK this influences their buy/sell prices though----guessing that is still ruled by the Cha stat?

-Kobolds will wreck you pretty bad in melee, though my bad armor surely contributed.

Hope is for the Moria thread folk and others to jump into this and see if we can figure what's what.  Back into the game I go to see what else I can figure....
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