Author Topic: XIOTANK 7DRL (Seven Day Roguelike) for Win/Mac/Linux  (Read 15052 times)


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XIOTANK 7DRL (Seven Day Roguelike) for Win/Mac/Linux
« on: March 17, 2010, 12:25:14 AM »
The game XIOTANK, my 2010 7-Day Roguelike Challenge game design compo entry, has been released for Windows, Mac OSX (Intel), and Linux. In this roguelike multidirectional "audio shooter" game you must fight numerous twitchy enemies as you attempt to establish tone and rhythm by activating different audio objects in the environment. Much more is planned for this game.

Here is the page link:

Here is a screenshot:

Comments, questions, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. We've already collected many suggestions for improvement and some bug reports. Thank you!


- By the way, my general games page is