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Escape from Fobbahland
« on: May 13, 2008, 01:05:14 AM »
I cant seem to post on Google Groups anymore. ??? What gives?

Anyway I just downloaded and played this new demo game and tried to respond to the author but failed due to the afore mentioned problem. Anyway I thought I would reply here anyway.

Escape from Fobbahland has a post apoc feel with the player starting off in a city and decending into the sewers for some reason. Each level has its own feel and enemies, like gangers and such. Enemies generally try to shoot you or club you to death, there is also a chicken that seems to wander around clucking, a nice touch :).  Another java game, when will people learn  ;D Slash will be happy.

Although I have not got far the game is quite challenging, in the fact that death can come quite quickly and unexpected if you are not paying attention. This is offset by the fact that you have medikits that heal you fully and an assortment of weapons that deals with any threats quickly. Frag grenades that have area effect and actually damage walls is nice.

Overall this game has an unfinished quality to it but is very playable.

Screen shot

In case the developer reads this here are some issues

Large nit picks.
What am I supposed to be doing, I like to know even if it is only "Go to the bottom of the dungeon."
Need a look command, stat! (unless I missed it)
First time I played there was no '>' on first level. (I could of not seen it though)
Game crashed when going up '<' (on first level)
'<' and '>' are not mentioned in the read me.
Items can be generated in the wall
Picking up ammo should stack with other ammo and drop what you cant fit. If I pick up two lots of 30/50 ammo I should have ont 50/50 and one 10/50 allowing me to pick up another 30/50 ammo stack. Instead I have two 30/50 ammo stacks (and in inventory is full I can not pick up more ammo)

Medium nit picks

Add in game help, for key map at least. i.e pressing '?'
Some of the ascii characters look a bit funny (cut off)
Pressing 'x' is a suprise. Not mentioned anywhere in download.
How do you close a door?
's' for wait a turn? try '.' or '5' or 'numpad del'
Some rooms were generated next to the edge, making them have no walls on the edge. (sewer system)

Small nit picks

Controls should be listed as lowercase (even though uppercase also works)
I can hear a chicken clucking even though I cant see it. "Something clucks" would be better.
Items and monster names should not have capital letters, unless named. (IMO anyway)
To confirm spell target, I was unsure what to press. Space seemed obvious but not 'c'.  I understand why it is 'c' but space and 'c' would be good, like fireing 'f' and space works.
You dont have your contact details anywhere in the download. Hence this post.

Good stuff and good luck.
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