Author Topic: Shadow of the Wyrm v1.6.5 "Reusner"(formerly Savage Lands)  (Read 237421 times)


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v1.6.2 "Daca" (formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #375 on: December 10, 2023, 05:03:51 PM »
Thankfully, I had a number of people report crash bugs, which I was able to investigate and fix. Apart from that, there are a lot of smaller changes in this one. The biggest ones include plantable plants, fungi (regular and magical), and an expansion of the way that an item's status affects things in-game. Please let me know if you run into any issues!

Shadow of the Wyrm v1.6.2 "Daca"
- Version started July 8, 2023.  Version finalized December 10, 2023.

- The game now shows "a vanished god" if you worship one of the Nine and they
  are gone from the game.

- Added a new religion option, godlessness (Josh Engdahl). Godless characters
  receive no divine help via prayer, and cannot be crowned. They are still
  subject to divine wrath if they do particular disliked things, such as
  kicking altars. Godless characters have a much harder time learning divine
  magic, and receive far fewer castings. When they drop items on altars, those
  items will be cursed, as when doing this on a cross-aligned altar.

- A while ago, the breakage chance of regular pickaxes was reduced to 1%, and
  that of dwarven mattocks to 0%. Tthis made Delver less useful, so it's been
  buffed up: it now offers resistances to all the physical damage types, does
  a bit more damage, and has the piercing flag.

- Made some improvements to the menu options in curses mode when
  "full_stop_after_options" is set, so that they sound better when read by a
  screen reader.

- Added a "display_simplified_splash_screen" setting which in curses-mode will
  present a much simpler splash screen suitable for screen readers (no ASCII
  art) (Stephen Shaffer).

- Added a "show_distance_on_examine" setting (off by default) to display the
  distance of the selected tile from your current position when examining.

- Added mushrooms to fields, and fungus to tree generation.

- Added a special mushrooms room type to dungeons.

- The base chance for an enchantment to brand a wearable has been halved.

- Amaurosis has been buffed up a bit: he can now cast spells, has a greater
  chance to blind on a successful hit, and is faster.

- A weapon/armour's status now affects the chance of that piece being branded
  when enchanted.

- A weapon's status now affects whether it gives a bonus or penalty to the
  application of the damage type's status.

- When digging, an item's status now affects its breakage chance.

- Blessed scrolls of recharging now increase the minimum number of charges
  when recharging a wand. The wand's status now affects the potential number
  of extra charges.

- A consumable's status now affects its nutrition, though this does not affect
  what the item is worth to the divine.

- The status of the item selected for the Bowyer/Fletchery skill now affects
  both the quality of the item produced, as well as (for fletchery) the

- Your fishing rod or spear's status now influences your fishing outcome.

- Most plants and vegetables are now plantable, and when dropped in a hole
  will yield more of the same the next summer.

- Non-weapons that you can wield (such as shovels and fishing rods) and now
  properly treated as exotic weapons when using them in combat. Previously,
  the game treated you as unarmed.

- Added a temple master to the top of the temple in Carcassia - she takes
  donations to the temple, which are rewarded with piety; particularly large
  donations will bless the player's equipment, or inventory.

- When specifying symbol information in the configuration file, if no Row and
  Col are provided, a default of 0 for each is assumed.

- Externalized a bunch of world-generation settings into swyrm.ini for modding
  and/or just messing around.

- Created trap traps, which are traps that generate other traps nearby.

- Allowed for a per-class symbol which overrides the defaults applied to the
  player (Paddy).

- Added an option (off by default) that allows the game to save and then
  prompt for quitting.

- Tweaked a few sprites.

- More name combinations.

- New creatures: temple master.

- New items: mushroom, shelf fungus, Shiver's kiss, deathbloom, chanterelle,
  morel, elfcap, pufftop, elfland's exit, scroll of trap summoning.

- Stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- Bug fixes:

  - The game would crash if an invalid race was specified for a creature being

  - Fixed an auto-death issue involving mountains where you could be generated
    on an air tile, instantly killing you if you didn't have flying.

  - Pov wasn't handling invalid input nicely (Sofistico).

  - When notifying a deity about a pleasing action, the piety was incorrectly
    always getting applied to the creature's active deity.

  - The '%' character was being duplicated on screen in curses mode.

  - Cursed scrolls of enchanting completely prevented branding.

  - You could farm piety with Sceadugenga by continually digging on the same
    grave tile (Quartzartine).

  - The HP indicator (when using e'x'amine) sometimes wouldn't return a valid

  - Targetting via ranged combat could target a creature outside the field of
    view if they move (Hems).


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v1.6.5 "Reusner"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #376 on: February 18, 2024, 02:26:12 PM »
Just to say that SotW now has initial, limited sound support - just sound effects right now. It does however let you extend this how you want via regex matching text to the message area, so there's all kinds of stuff you can do if that's something you're interested in.

A couple small fixes, too. But, sound!

Shadow of the Wyrm v1.6.5 "Reusner"
- Version started December 10, 2023. Version finalized February 18, 2024.

- Added sound support. The game has support for a number of events (hit, miss,
  etc) and the sounds for each can be configured in the game's main XML config.
  Sound effects can also be played on arbitrary regex matches on in-game

- Various new name, ship name, etc possibilities.

- Bug fixes:

  - Digging and dropping a stone block/etc would allow you to build over
    stairs (RelicWraith).

  - Made certain API functions safer to call without checks.


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Re: Shadow of the Wyrm v1.6.5 "Reusner"(formerly Savage Lands)
« Reply #377 on: March 18, 2024, 05:54:30 PM »
It's fantastic to see the continual progress on Shadow of the Wyrm! Adding sound support is a significant enhancement that can greatly enhance immersion for players. The flexibility provided by allowing users to configure sound effects via XML config and trigger them based on regex matches on in-game messages opens up a world of possibilities for customization and personalization within the game.

Additionally, the inclusion of various new name and ship name possibilities adds further depth to the game's world-building aspect, making each playthrough feel unique.

The bug fixes, particularly addressing issues like being able to build over stairs when digging and dropping certain items, demonstrate a commitment to refining the gameplay experience and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for players.

Overall, this update showcases both innovation and attention to detail, enhancing both the gameplay mechanics and the overall player experience. Looking forward to seeing how Shadow of the Wyrm continues to evolve in future updates!