Author Topic: Interhack 2.1.35 released  (Read 2660 times)


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Interhack 2.1.35 released
« on: January 21, 2010, 09:27:15 AM »
Note: This is still an alpha version (despite the version number).

You can find more information here:

And download the source from here:

Release notes are also available:

Since I missed announcing version 2.1.34, here are the updates for both... lots of bugfixes as per normal. The server can recover nicely from most crashes. Disconnected players games are saved, and players can save/load nicely now. I have also done some testing of playing the game with network latency. The game is generally playable up to 300ms latency. Beyond that, it starts to get annoying.

Version 2.1.35    2010-01-16

Added - MonAttack - More support for variation in attack types
Added - plugins/monsters/ants
Bugfix - plugins/magic/Invis - Directional / vs Immediate application
Added - support in main code for displacement, invis, projection etc
Bugfix - Map::op>> - Obscure client bug (passing reference, returning ref)
Added - Level::Move_Kick - Damage levels and kicking walls etc
Bugfix - Level::Move_Kick - Dead monsters now show msg + exp gain
Bugfix - plugins/objects/magicmarker - Many small fixes
Bugfix - plugins/magic/invis - Was not timing out on potions
Bugfix - plugins/magic/displacement - Again, not timing out
Bugfix - Player::op>> - Obscure bug (passing ref and returning ref)
Bugfix - Map / Interface/ANSI - Infravision / Infrared now works
Bugfix - Action::op>> - Obscure bug (passing ref and returning ref)
Added - plugins/objects/drawbridge

Version 2.1.34    2009-12-20

Bugfix - Minor fixes for potential race conditions (using valgrind/helgrind)
Bugfix - Map::Map - Clear the flags for "visible" (uninit value)
Bugfix - Level::MainLoop - integrated Action read into main mutex lock
Bugfix - Branch::Recover - templates are now recovered correctly
Bugfix - Branch::Recover - forgot to set parent on levels when recovered
Bugfix - Branch::Recover - Levels need cleaning after temp construction
Added - support for password validation on save games
Bugfix - Minor fixes for login bugs and support for 3 passwd attempts
Bugfix - Player::NeedMoreInput... - Killed client was locking up server
Testing - Added / Tested code to simulate network latency
Bugfix - Global "players" changed to "roles" due to Level::players
Bugfix - Better selection of monster AI


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Re: Interhack 2.1.35 released
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2010, 11:28:42 PM »
Step by step....good on ya progress wise!   8)
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