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I, Dracula: Genesis - pixelart roguelite twin-stick shooter has finally received the announcement trailer and Steam page:

Roguelite twin-stick shooter where magic and post-apocalyptic future technologies collide.
Defeat evil lord Dracula and save everyone, repeatedly.

If you enjoy your typical Roguelite/Roguelike experience, this is what you’re going to find here - times a dozen.
Procedural generation, lots and lots of upgradeable weapons, spells, perks, alien artefacts,
strange technological and magical devices, enemies, NPCs, traps, custom events and hidden shops.
So many of those, you'll feel overpowered. On the surface it is a beautiful isometric twin-stick shooter,
but inside there's a huge emphasis on depth, variety, replayability and discovering all those amazing synergies
that make your eyes pop!

Steam page:
Long (11 min.) gameplay video:
Nice Forbes article about the game:
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Excellent Soldiers of Fortune/Chaos Engine spiritual aesthetic.   8)
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This looks really cool! Can't believe I haven't heard of it before. Love the isometric pixel art, reminds me of old amiga games.


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I agree, these games are actually very atmospheric.


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I think isometric pixel graphics are back in vogue now