Author Topic: PWMangband 1.1.3beta released  (Read 4201 times)


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PWMangband 1.1.3beta released
« on: December 31, 2009, 04:08:28 AM »

"The 1.1.3 version will be a milestone version... the graphical support will be back, and I will try to add all the new features from vanilla Angband 3.0.9 and some of the more recent ones (3.1 and even 3.2). The beta version includes full graphical support for David Gervais tiles (the 32x32 tileset... so if you have a big screen, feel free to enlarge your main client window as much as possible!), and support for everything but the new monsters in the other tilesets (old + Adam Bolt). The beta version also includes all changesets from the vanilla Angband bug database up to #526 (note: the 1.1.3 final version, aka 1.1.3 build 1, will add up to changeset #748, which corresponds to the 3.0.9a milestone... so it's gonna take a while to complete).

List of changes:
- enhancement: fountains have now 50% chance of giving potions of water
- enhancement: fountains can now polymorph players into fruit bats (small chance)
- bugfix: no breakage chance should be displayed for magical or artifact ammo
- enhancement: the wilderness is now 2 times smaller (max radius of 32)
- enhancement: wilderness encounters are now much tougher, especially at night
- enhancement: monster.txt renumbered to reorder all monsters by dungeon level
- enhancement: Ulik the Troll, Sky drakes, Maulotaurs are now generated deeper (they were way too strong for their depth); Tik'srvzllat is now generated on depth 126 to avoid collision with the last two uniques
- enhancement: Nazguls now drop a Ring of Power (randart ring that always aggravates and drains experience) when they are killed
- enhancement: new HP formula for Shapechangers (less HPs with high level monsters, more HPs with mid level monsters)
- bugfix: ReadDIB() has been rewritten to allow graphic mode again (bitmaps were not properly loaded)
- enhancement: all submenus related to graphic options (graphic mode, tile size increase/decrease, ...) have been reactivated except bigtile mode
- bugfix: graphic mode could not be changed directly with the menu options
- enhancement: the player_presets array is now read from the xtra-xxx.prf files
- enhancement: the "ghost" picture (for players) is now directly read from the "Ghost" monster race instead of the player_presets array
- bugfix: the Client_setup info was not reinitialized properly when changing graphic mode
- enhancement: the player attr/char definitions in the xtra-xxx.prf files have been remapped
- enhancement: the flavor attr/char definitions in the flvr-xxx.prf files have been remapped
- enhancement: the feature attr/char definitions in the graf-xxx.prf files have been remapped
- enhancement: the object attr/char definitions in the graf-xxx.prf files have been remapped
- enhancement: BCB6 project files added (to compile, run and debug clients and server using BCB6)
- enhancement: VERBOSE_LOG configuration variable has been removed
- enhancement: default colors for message types have been reintroduced (message.prf)
- enhancement: remove SHIMMER_MONSTERS and SHIMMER_OBJECTS, make them permanently defined
- enhancement: replaced all structure typedefs by the more concise form (typedef struct {...} struct_name) when possible
- enhancement: add a message in drop_near() when an object breaks or disappears
- enhancement: reimplement monster AI as two server options AI_SMART (monsters behave more intelligently) and AI_PACKS (monsters act smarter in groups)
- enhancement: reimplement monster flow as two server options AI_SOUND (monsters chase current location) and AI_SMELL (monsters chase recent locations)
- enhancement: set the NO_FEAR flag to monsters having the WANDERER flag to remove some hacks in the code
- bugfix: monster processing in MvM mode was done according to the closest player, and not according to the closest target
- enhancement: reimplement intelligent monster attacks as two server options AI_LEARN (monsters learn from their mistakes) and AI_CHEAT (monsters exploit players weaknesses)
- enhancement: the SAVEFILE_MUTABLE define has been removed (now permanently defined)
- bugfix: the default XXX.x_attr/x_char values were used instead of the player redefined p_ptr->XXX_attr/XXX_char values in some places
- bugfix: "unaware" scrolls were using the redefined "aware" graphical tile instead of the default "flavor" graphical tile
- bugfix: hallucinatory monsters/objects were displayed as ASCII symbols in graphical mode
- bugfix: shimmering code (monsters + objects) should only be applied in ASCII mode
- bugfix: horns are not magical devices, their activation should never fail
- bugfix: the minimap was not properly displayed when using David Gervais tileset due to the transparency array not being reinitialized before display
- bugfix: players should always be displayed as a number when wounded (or in special cases such as a sorceror using disruption shield), even when a graphical tileset is used, except when the "hp_changes_color" option is set
- bugfix: the DM was getting "An unknown grid" messages when looking at grids that were not explicitely memorized
- bugfix: trap detection boundaries were displayed as a black tile in graphical mode
- bugfix: the "Display owned houses" command should use the common file perusing system (like all other knowledge commands)

Alignments with MAngband 1.x:
- We should award exp for finding hidden doors (MAngband 1.3): done
- Chat handles colon badly (MAngband 1.2): fixed
- Use "bone" directory instead of "user" for death dumps (MAngband 1.2): done
- Reformat ironman static level filenames (MAngband 1.2): done

Alignments with Angband 3.x:
- Add item history tracking, ported (and simplified a bit) from Ey. (Angband 3.1.0): examining an item now mentions how the item was found (generated at birth, dropped by a monster, found on the floor, bought from shop, ...)
- Innate infravision not shown in character info matrix (Angband 3.1.0): properly indicate racial infravision in the player flag info
- Innate "pval" player flags (speed, infravision, stealth...) shown as equipment modifier in self-knowledge (Angband 3.1.0): self-knowledge now only shows flags modified by equipment; character info shows all flags
- New item allocation system with gradients (Angband 3.1.0)
- Change potions (Angband 3.1.0): remove Slow Poison/Apple Juice; give Slime Mold Juice more nutritional potential; make stat potions slightly less common; make restore stat potions happen a little earlier; make Life and *Healing* much more common; make Augmentation a bit more common; cut stat potions off at dlev90
- Too many food varieties (Angband 3.1.0): remove Hard Biscuit, Beef Jerky, Fine Wine; rations should have weight 0.8lb, nutrition 6000; slime molds should be 0.2lb, nutrition 2500
- Make savefile loading of "non-existent" objects somewhat more resilient (Angband 3.1.0)
- Fix mushrooms (Angband 3.1.0): remove Naivety, Disease, Sickness, Paralysis; combine Cure Paranoia + Cure Confusion as Clear Mind; add Mending (cures cut/stun/poison/blindness), Second Sight (temporary ESP + cure blindness); make Unhealth worthless
- Wands of wonder no longer IDing their flavor when aimed (Angband 3.1.0): wands of Wonder now identify if the effect is noticeable, otherwise show as {tried}
- Rework the Wand of Dragon's Breath dispatch to tighten it up (Angband 3.1.0)
- Potion changes (Angband 3.1.1): make CLW, CSW, CCW potions heal % of HP; change Detect Invisible to True Seeing (temporary see invisible + cure blindness); change Weakness/Stupidity/Naivety/Ugliness/Clumsiness/Sickliness (lose stat) to Brawn/Intellect/Contemplation/Pleasing/Nimbleness/Toughness (gain one stat/lose another); limit Salt Water to earlier in the dungeon; make Death *slightly* lower
- Wand changes (Angband 3.1.0)
- Steal some more rod flavours from Un. (Angband 3.1.0)
- Rebalance wands/rods/staffs (Angband 3.1.0): remove Staff of Trap Location, Treasure Location, Door/Stair Location, Probing; add Rod of Treasure Location; tweak rarities of rods/staffs a little
- Gameplay changes (Angband 3.2.0): replace ball-spells in elven rings with variety of healings and change abilities
- Fix overly powerful missile weapons (Angband 3.2.0): make slays/brands affect damage dice only (similar too melee); add slays/brands to missile launchers; transfer slays/brands to ammunition by using the best slay/brand available (similar to melee)
- Clean up racial and class skill values into arrays (Angband 3.1.0)
- Restyle the monster.txt file (Angband 3.1.0): summons, breaths, and other spells always on separate lines; add headers when dungeon levels change
- Specify monster HP as an average rather than with hitdice (Angband 3.1.0): uniques are forced to have maximum HP; others have their actual HP generated with a normal distribution around the specified average; FORCE_MAXHP flag removed
- Eliminate the monster_level global variable (Angband 3.1.0): depth is now passed as a parameter when generating a monster
- Order the monster flags in a consistent way (Angband 3.1.0): one line for race, drop, abilities, resistances/vulnerabilities, and "misc" bits
- Use header file guards in all header files, and use a consistent naming scheme for them (Angband 3.1.0)
- Move the quark package out to z-quark.c (Angband 3.2.0): use a quark_t type to store the type, and allow to automatically resize the quark array if necessary
- Tweak to the SDL port to make dragging 'subwindows' a bit snappier (Angband 3.1.0)
- Remove unused code, and make some other code (possibly) more efficient (Angband 3.1.0)
- Do a little code review on util.c (Angband 3.1.0): clean up the code generally; restyle so things are a bit more compact, and also so it fits the coding guidelines a bit better; move gamma comment to where the gamma code is located
- Split option definitions out into option.h, and option tables out into option.c (Angband 3.2.0)
- Move running code into pathfind.c (Angband 3.2.0)
- Move trap code out into trap.c (Angband 3.2.0)
- Use the box drawing function to draw a box around the 'full map' screen (Angband 3.1.0)
- File handling cleanup (Angband 3.1.0): move file handling across to a new API
- Change the way maps are "viewed" (Angband 3.1.0): map_info returns information about what the player knows about the map location, and a new function grid_data_as_text converts this information into the char/attr combinations to be displayed
- Use a clean rewrite of the message memorisation code placed in a new z-msg.c (Angband 3.2.0)
- Move score code into another file (Angband 3.2.0)
- Clean up config.h a bit (Angband 3.1.0)
- Set up an event system for UI display updates, where the game communicates with the UI by sending messages saying that something's changed that the UI might be interested in, rather than deciding that specific things should be redrawn (Angband 3.2.0)
- Reduce the use of full-map redraws, and trigger the redrawing of map locations with a UI 'event' instead of doing them directly (Angband 3.2.0)
- Object tweaks (Angband 3.1.0): make lights a bit more common; make Filthy Rags [0,+0] by default; make Broken Daggers/Swords (+0,+0) by default
- Improve UI abstractions (Angband 3.2.0): initial attempt to move all the object use functions over to a generic handling framework"

Somehow it would appear the Mangband'ish stuff doesn't get mentioned much on Rephial...but good looking progress is good looking progress.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: PWMangband 1.1.3beta released
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2010, 11:23:15 PM »
More fixes after the fact with files to update:

- Dragons and Monks should never autoequip a weapon at birth
- effect descriptions with a '%' character were not displayed properly
- some redraw events were not dispatched properly on the client
- no Detonations effect when drinking from a fountain
- some amulets were displayed as rings with the David Gervais tileset
- some wands were displayed as rods with the David Gervais tileset
- monsters with the '*' ASCII symbol were not displayed properly with the David Gervais tileset
- bolt/ball/breath effects were not displayed properly with the David Gervais tileset
- fixed what may have been a subtle bug in item generation
- fountains were yielding potions of Ruination almost half of the time at 750ft and deeper
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
In Training