Author Topic: Caverns of Xaskazien II Ver. 1.02.87 Released!  (Read 3195 times)

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Caverns of Xaskazien II Ver. 1.02.87 Released!
« on: April 23, 2022, 01:10:25 PM »
Hey, hey! Time for more fun and danger down in the Caverns!  Tons of bugfixes and loads of new content too!

Caverns of Xaskazien II Ver. 1.02.87 free download and patch to current version available here:

As a reminder for anyone who wants to support the development of Caverns of Xaskazien II: the game will always be free, but you CAN purchase my other game on Steam, Stop the Saturnians!  This will help me keep open time to continue working on Caverns and means more and better content delivered to you sooner :)  Plus, STS is a dynamite game in its own right!  Check it out here:

Alright, on with the details:


- Reinstated Classes: Warrior, Purifier.

- New Perks: Battle Cry, Precision Strike, Look for an Opening, Frenzy, Tank, Duck Blow, Hands on Learner, Sense Impurities, Am What I Am, The Best Cleanser, Decontaminate, Exotic Blood, Protective Coating, Reverse Mutation.

- New findable map types: Water Stained Map, Tattered Map.

- Changed old Gnomish Explosives to Goblin Explosives.

- New Mundane Items: Gnomish Explosives, Bread, Gingerbread, Gnomish Tickets, Jewelweed, Flax Seed, Echinacea, Primrose, Gingko, Wolfsbane, Blood Lacquer.

- New Spell: Freeze Water.


- Cleaned up Bloody Warning graphic to make it clearer and more legible.

- When you learn the locations of Booby Traps or Pit Traps from examining Mosaic Tiles, the text output will now tell you how many you detected (or that there are none) rather than just telling you you detected all of them.

- Made text output explaining Kobold Spear Traps less confusing.

- Standardized text output of using any kind of poison as well as Honeycomb to include the name of the item used at the top like most other items do, before telling you the effect.

- Create Mundane Item spell and effects can no longer create Honeycomb, as it’s not supposed to create foods.

- Better spaced text in query of Cage.

- In query, clarified duration of effects caused by Satyrs and Servitors when they hit you.

- Increased potential Faith gain from using Spiral Staircases from 80 Faith to 160 Faith, to make them more enticing. Also updated the prompt for using them to say “up to X Faith”, since apparently I missed these on the last sweep.

- Both Beer and Whiskey will now cause Poison damage when consumed, instead of a nebulous damage of indeterminate type.

- Halved the frequency of Clay Ovens because they were appearing way too frequently, which was devaluing the Ranger perk that lets your relight Cooking Fires as well as the Kindle spell.

- Reworded effects that say you will “gain 1 Health” to instead say “heal 1 Health” since they won’t raise you above your Maximum Health.

- Reworded a few different items that claimed to take effect after “any combat in which” X happened, when it really meant after “any combat round in which” X happened.

- Raised Faith Point cost of casting Call Yorick’s Trunk miracle from 100 Faith to 300 Faith because it was WAY overpowered.

- Added the “no” symbol over graphic when you read a Cursed scroll of any sort, but manage to evade its effects.



- REALLY fixed error (I think) causing Mud Confined, Lava Confined, Acid Confined and possibly Water Confined monsters to stop actively pursuing you when you’re in their domain. Such monsters should now pursue you the same way other monsters do, as long as you’re in territory they can access, but ignore you and wander if you’re not.

- Fixed error only checking once per round of combat for effects of Displacer Cloak, even against monsters with 2 swings per combat.

- Fixed error checking for and announcing Displacer Cloak’s function on every combat round, instead of just when you’re hit, which, while it wouldn’t affect gameplay in any way, could give a false impression of how many times the monster was managing to roll a hit.

- Fixed typo in query of open Lava Filled Pit.

- Fixed error outputting wrong graphic with text output if you enter Prismatic Water when your Spell Points are already maxed.

- Fixed error in the query of any Skill Tome of Vol. 2 or Vol. 3 pertaning to any Mage Skill where it would omit the information regarding what level of knowledge you already needed in the skill to successfully read the Tome.

- Fixed text overwrites in queries of Slither On In and Up From the Depths events.

- Fixed pluralization error in text output of Freeze Trap (“You are frozen for 21 turn!”).

- Fixed error allowing Yorick’s Dimension Hopping Trunk to appear with more items in it than are supposed to be possible.

- Fixed error when monsters cast Flaming Darts, Fireball or Flame Strike at another monster, that allows the resulting fire (if any) to be of random size, rather than the size dictated by the spell.

- Fixed error when using Lamp Oil that could refill turns to burn on a Spent Lantern to 960 but still leave it unusable.

- Fixed bugs causing magic Rings and Amulets that can protect your items from destruction to be twice as effective as they should be when checking for success during combat.

- Fixed error causing Missionary perk Bone Collector to have no effect, but Missionary perk Rest In Pieces to have Bone Collector’s effect in addition to its own.

- Fixed small error that could internally confuse if you were using a Palantir of Hard Reality or the Missionary perk Death Comes To All, with unknown results.

- Fixed error not awarding player experience if a monster died as a result of player created Steam.

- Fixed further text overwrites in query of Swamp Golem uniques.

- Fixed error not recognizing Fungus Man as an Aberration.

- Fixed error not specifying the type of Holy Symbol for sale when listing Holy Symbols for sale by a Mundane Item Merchant.

- Fixed errors outputting wrong graphic with text output when you read a Cursed Scroll of Gales or a Cursed Scroll of Shock but resist the magic.

- Fixed typo in query of Sand Trap Kit, referencing the “Boulder Trap” you can set with it.

- Fixed errors with Bone Collector perk, basing the strength of the item gained off the Dungeon Level rather than the level of the monster killed.

- Fixed error making it very unlikely that enemies who can summon allies would do so.

- Fixed typo in text output for History skill telling you a Fountain is Acidic.

- Fixed typo in query of Uncooked Pheasant for any character with the Eat It Raw perk.

- Fixed text overwrite in query of Rats Nesting Grounds lair title.

- Fixed error not properly calculating max bonus strength damage for characters wielding weapons of Hewing/Severing/Cleaving and instead granting the increased strength damage ability to all Pungent/Acrid/Acidic weapons.

- Fixed further errors that wouldn’t properly apply effects of Hewing/Severing/Cleaving weapons or of Orc Killer unless you were wielding it as your second weapon. In fairness, I think I caused both these errors when I introduced the Warrior’s Precision Strike perk, so maybe this isn’t a fix for general users, since it wouldn’t necessarily have been broken in previous updates.

- Fixed error not properly outputting Killer Bee special abilities when they are queried.

- Fixed typo in text output of sprung Lava Trap.

- Fixed error causing Dark Dwarf Stone Masons to collapse their own Fractured Walls upon themselves as soon as they erect them.

- Fixed errors that could turn your current square to Empty Space if you found any kind of Potion or Map on adjacent Cluttered Shelves.

- Fixed errors where Level 3 Shuffling of Clawed Feet, Animal Tracking, Signs of an Infestation, Sense Demonic Presence, Big Foot Prints and Scent of the Dead wouldn’t display enemies you should be able to sense via the perk if you were looking at the map screen.

- Fixed error outputting wrong amount of Spell Points you could regain from eating Uncooked Pheasant with the Eat It Raw perk when you query Uncooked Pheasant.

- Fixed error erasing unique names and abilities of special monsters in Legendary Lands, and turning them into normal monsters.

- Fixed error making Legendary Lands less common than they should be.