Author Topic: Release HellBand 0.8.8!  (Read 18744 times)


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Release HellBand 0.8.8!
« on: December 29, 2009, 07:39:14 PM »
this is the official release of Hellband 0.8.7, since its been a while I've first pre-released it and it seems to work fine. The most important fix here is stability, there should be no more crash bugs. I've been flooding levels with monsters and items in wizard mode and hellband is now responding properly to abuse.

Links :
Download :
OMG I want to subcribe to a zombie list :

- 0.8.7 Quite a few creatures had double genus flags, some even
contradictory ones
- 0.8.7 Uniques that only drop gold drop much more gold now
- 0.8.7 Added Babylonians on level 24 to speed up level generation,
Nimrod was feeling lonely
- 0.8.7 Story added for the Heretics level
- 0.8.7 Story added for the Satan level
- 0.8.7 Story added for the first pos Dis level
- 0.8.7 Added the infamous white banner of hell, when carrying you
should experience 'hmm','cool!','wot?','f!!','oh','heh'
*Character Building
- 0.8.7 Restarting character creation allows you to re-choose stats
- 0.8.7 Mindcrafters can now be generated again, *blush*
- 0.8.7 The temple can now remove all your corruptions for 1.500.000
- 0.8.7 Werewolves did not get random names
- 0.8.7 Skeletons no longer have the Second Sigh but Second Sight
now ;)
- 0.8.7 Profile file names are now based on the safe name instead of
hard core player name
- 0.8.7 Potential crash bug found and removed for custom names
- 0.8.7 Player names can now be up to 40 characters because of the
Italian names
- 0.8.7 Italian name generator added ( male and female )
- 0.8.7 Fearless and coward mutations could not be gotten, they were
their own opposite
- 0.8.7 Removed reference to 'Draconian', it should all mention
Draco now
- 0.8.7 Minor background spelling mistakes and punctuation fixed
- 0.8.7 Random characters work now
- 0.8.7 Fixed missing space in Ogre descendant description
*Wizard Commands
- 0.8.7 ']' now induces amnesia so I can test graphic effects with
telepathy and squelching better
- 0.8.7 Editing colors now shows the colors against the 3
differently lit dungeon floors, so the effect can be
- 0.8.7 Added support for 32px tile set and made it the default in
- 0.8.7 Since nothing except floor/walls/doors is done, support for
transparent ASCII symbolds is coded for windows
- 0.8.7 casting *id* now only shows items that have not been *id*'d
- 0.8.7 casting id now only shows items that have not been id'd yet
- 0.8.7 Picking up from the floor now presents a list if more than 1
item is on the floor
- 0.8.7 Ring choosing now asks left or right while showing the rings
in those locations
- 0.8.7 Dragon Armor no longer gets squelched
- 0.8.7 Squelch no longer squelches boots of speed, even if set at
'keep artefact only'
- 0.8.7 Squelch will not squelch terrible artefacts.
- 0.8.7 Native Mac support for intel macs <- broken, sorry
*Help Files
- 0.8.7 Alchemy command key is now integrated into interactive help
* Stuff
- 0.8.7 Chests are now much more interesting like in cool variants
- 0.8.7 Weapons of KILL_ANGEL now protect the player from Lucifers'
- 0.8.7 Black Markets have deeper items once you start to get over
character level 25
- 0.8.7 Remove compile option ALLOW_EASY_DISARM and
ALLOW_EASY_DISARM, why would you not want it ??
- 0.8.7 Fixed evil wand stacking 'problem'
- 0.8.7 level creation time has decreased MUCH both on count of
object generation and monster generation being more stable
- 0.8.7 Object dropping, stacking and compacting robustified, lots
of arrows should no longer crash the game
- 0.8.7 store item maintenance is now centralize instead of copy
pasted in 4 locations
- 0.8.7 makefile.WHICH now has proper code
- 0.8.7 Stat adjustment tables are merged into 1 2D matrix, cleaning
up 900 lines of code
- 0.8.7 Fixed warlock realm choice
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Re: Release HellBand 0.8.7
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2009, 12:18:09 AM »
Welcome and congrats konjin----keep up the good work fighting the good fight over at Rephial!   8)
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Release HellBand 0.8.7
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2010, 06:45:23 PM »

Does Hellband have anything to do with v's development?



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Re: Release HellBand 0.8.7
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2010, 11:47:30 PM »

Does Hellband have anything to do with v's development?

-Ido.  The land of Angband stuff/Oook where I've seen posting and updating prior.
Brian Emre Jeffears
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Re: Release HellBand 0.8.8!
« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2018, 12:44:11 PM »
v0.8.8   8) :o
it's been a decade or so, so bear with me
The new version 0.8.8 (and prior versions) can be found here:

I no longer have a Mac, and so I did not provide a .dmg file
However, I develop Hellband on Linux, so support there is stronger now.

Thanks go out Ms Konijn, Gwarl, Mitze and other denizens on

I am open to any and all feedback (Thank You Mitze)
Without further ado, this is the change log

- 0.8.8 All in-game support for orcs, yeeks and kobolds is gone
- 0.8.8 Summon high monster spell no longer will try to summon ants
or hydra's
- 0.8.8 So many spelling mistakes, I should have had an integrated
spelling checker since the start
- 0.8.8 Terror masks are awesome now for Black Knights, Hell
Knights, and Chaos Knights as well
- 0.8.8 Made Orbs of Powers greater (7 random flags instead of 3)
- 0.8.8 Stat potions, experience potions, and invulnerability
potions are now considered good
- 0.8.8 Players are now told that an object has been *identified*
when 'I'nspecting it -MITZE-
- 0.8.8 Potions that decrease stats now damage monsters and get
identified on throw
- 0.8.8 Potions that increase stats or exp now greatly enhance
monsters and get identified on throw
- 0.8.8 Identified summoning staves and scrolls now have a 1 in 3
chance to summon a unique
- 0.8.8 Scrolls of *enchantment* are much more useful now..
- 0.8.8 Staff of detect invisible now also gives temporary detect
- 0.8.8 Rods and Staves of Enlightenment are now called rods and
staves of Mapping as to remove any confusion
- 0.8.8 Warriors can now find artefacts with NO_MAGIC flag
- 0.8.8 Probing reveals all monster flags and finally becomes useful
- 0.8.8* curse* armour now will also mess up to hit to dam
- 0.8.8 *curse* armour now might give immunity cold, res dark, res
disenchantment, res col, res poison, res dark, res nether,
hold life, slow digestion, heavy cursed, drain exp,
aggravation and finally potentially wraith form (!)
- 0.8.8 Resistance to disenchantment gives 50% extra chance of
resisting *curse armour*
- 0.8.8 Scrolls of Artefact Creation now work on ego items, keeping
the properties of the ego item and improving it
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of cure blindness prevent blindness for a while.
- 0.8.8 Katana swords are gone, especially the one Homerus had
- 0.8.8 Bastard Swords are now Gladii, single Gladius, Hellband can
now properly convert from ius to ii
- 0.8.8 No more slime mold, white truffles instead
- 0.8.8 No more venison strips, black summer truffles instead
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of blindness also give ESP and potentially confuse
a little, now called 'of the Third Sight'
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of paranoia are now mushrooms of fright, they give
a speed bonus during the fright period
- 0.8.8 Mushroom of poison will now hurt CON and STR as well
- 0.8.8 Mushroom of cure poison will now restore con and STR as well
and give temporary resistance to poison
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of cure paranoia now also heal medium damage and
help resisting fear for some time.
- 0.8.8 Mushrooms of cure confusion now also heal medium damage and
help resisting confusion for some time.
*Character Building
- 0.8.8 Turns out Florentians should be Florentines
- 0.8.8 Turns out Atlantians should be Atlanteans
*Start Up
- 0.8.8 No more confusing use of Escape to continue the process of
birthing, just Enter
*Wizard Commands
- 0.8.8 Fix object creation so that all svals can now be created
- 0.8.8 Wizard playing with objects can now re-roll for rand arts
- 0.8.8 Rewrote Wizard support for rewards from scratch, all 15
lines ;]
- 0.8.8 The Inn now allows you to research rumors (mimicking scrolls
of Rumour)
- 0.8.8 Alchemy knowledge overview will now highlight carried
- 0.8.8 Pressing ']' now shows all visible objects --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Pressing '[' now shows all visible monsters --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Also, let the map cover the screen --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Make the list auto-display --MITZE--
- 0.8.8 Permanent walls in ASCII mode no longer show up as yellow
under torch light
- 0.8.8 'C'haracter now shows maxed out stats
- 0.8.8 Wraith mode and god mode no longer turn the screen in mono
- 0.8.8 Turn count is now in 'C'haracter overview and thus in the
player dump
- 0.8.8 Current item is now new and improved, showing last
'I'nspected, walked over or 'l'ooked at
- 0.8.8 Visible items term is now implemented
- 0.8.8 Pet Peeve, 'n' now switches between 'C'haracter screens like
'h' does
- 0.8.8 Temporary good effects now use array magic, which now allows
for the UI to show timed bad effects as well.
- 0.8.8 HTML improved code with mono-size font and improved line
height for Chrome browser
- 0.8.8 HTML and forum dumping is now supported, stolen from
Vanilla, slightly retrofitted and modified
* Loot
- 0.8.8 Potions with pval -1 are now shown as 'Vials', drinking
vials will harm you
*Combat & Magic
- 0.8.8 Abaddon's Rage stops timed fear now
- 0.8.8 Call Chaos no longer asks for directions any more, a random
direction is chosen for the player.
- 0.8.8 No more zero effect rewards ( curse weapon when not wearing
a weapon can no longer happen )
- 0.8.8 New reward : player / dungeon level based killer enemies
- 0.8.8 New reward : player / dungeon level based servants
- 0.8.8 New reward : turn entire level into perm wall
- 0.8.8 New reward : activate sorcerous ritual (!)
- 0.8.8 Complete rewrite of patrons
- 0.8.8 Furcifer added as Patron
- 0.8.8 Black Markets have deeper items, based on both character
level and max dungeon level
- 0.8.8 Vaults referring to patterns will now show water instead of
the pattern
- 0.8.8 Zelazny patterns are completely ripped out of the code base
- 0.8.8 When compiling for 'live' mode, turn on auto save on every
50 levels
- 0.8.8 Player and screen dumps are now in a dump sub folder
- 0.8.8 For some reason dungeon.c only now uses fully the timed[]
array, another 100 lines of code goners
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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Re: Release HellBand 0.8.8!
« Reply #5 on: April 07, 2018, 12:36:31 AM »
Is there a win32 version for xp by chance? The main one seems incompatible. :(