Author Topic: Deliantra Server 2.90 and Client 2.05  (Read 3679 times)


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Deliantra Server 2.90 and Client 2.05
« on: November 13, 2009, 11:30:27 PM »


    *   Licensing issues have been cleared up: The modifications done by the Deliantra development team are under Affero GPL. The remaining parts of the crossfire project are still under GPL.
    * Magic mapping on the world map has been enhanced with a flying bird.
    * Added maps:
          o lostwages and lorak (valdor/varsia) from cfextended.
          o added lostwages and celvear apartments to rent system.
          o closed guild houses, this is not scalable, ask your friendly dm instead.
          o troll canyon, pygmy forest, elven moon and temple of justice mapsets from crossfire, together with associated archetypes.
          o add extended region descriptions for some regions from crossfire.
          o all changes to mlab between 2006-08-01 and 2009-10-28 and most archetypes that go with them.
          o gotischerbereich from cfextended.
    * doors/containers can now use "match ..." expressions for the slaying field.
    * properly close client-side dialogue when the player is teleported away.
    * map-tags did not properly close it's database tables or wait for a quiescent state, causing memory corruption on reload.
    * fixed and improved many plurals in the archetypes.
    * bigchests are now properly non-unique, per_player and no_reset.
    * fly_high movement gives better los, ignoring blocksview.
    * added many more buildable marble floors.
    * major namespace cleanup: save 45kb by making functions static that were unnecessarily global.


The command completer algorithm has been improved by marcmagus. Thanks for the contribution! Also a small bugfix for a crash in the audio engine has been added.

In other words, things seem lively.   Be nice if we could get a posting presence on here or a Roguebasin page...
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