Author Topic: Caverns of Xaskazien II Tutorial Videos  (Read 2765 times)

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Caverns of Xaskazien II Tutorial Videos
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:59:10 PM »
Hey, everyone!  Just dropping by with some news re some new videos I've posted.

Caverns of Xaskazien II is not a complex game for a large roguelike, but may be complex to those newer to the genre, or even to those who are just used to the traditions established by other roguelikes, some of which Caverns circumvents.  There is a detailed manual in the docs folder, and a shorter readme file in the main folder, but for those who learn visually, I've been working on a series of Dev Play tutorials, the first three of which went live today (Dec. 13, 2019).  There will be further videos going up, one per day, for the next little while, but these first 3 are all you need to really grasp the game.  The others will simply be continued play throughs by yours truly, with occasional pauses to fix bugs I encounter, or update things I feel like updating. 

P.S. As I have encountered (and corrected) a few bugs in these play throughs, expect an updated Caverns soon.

The game is also available (free) here: