Author Topic: Here's a roguelite about mental illness  (Read 9886 times)


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Here's a roguelite about mental illness
« on: September 08, 2019, 08:36:47 AM »
Hello, I'm Vali and I made a roguelite. Well, first I played Hotline Miami, Risk of Rain, Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne for way too many hours. And then when I decided to make a game, I realized I hate all mobile games (except Plants vs Zombies for some reason). Anyway, I like challenging action games. And on mobile they say there's millions of games but really there seem to be about 20 of them that everyone's cloning to death. And the action games have emulated joysticks or buttons and they're never as good as real buttons. Action games just don't control well on mobile.


I came up with a control scheme for mobile where you can be fast, precise and strategic. Say goodbye to fighting the controls.

Also, the monsters are designed after mental stuff like depression and social anxiety. How did I get the idea, you ask? Well, I'm such a dedicated developer that I cleverly suffered from depression and anxiety in my 20s, just to bring you the best experience possible.

By the way, the game was made with a professional programmer, artist and sound guy and is FREE. As in free beer. No ads. No pay to win. No in app purchases of any kind. No always online. No data collection.

If it gets popular enough I do plan to make the last level unlockable for 2 dollars or so. But for now it's 100% free. And it will never contain ads and never be pay to win.

I made this game especially for you, folks, the fans of roguelites. So enjoy.

The game is called "Everything is fine".

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Re: Here's a roguelite about mental illness
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2020, 05:12:37 AM »
Interesting, gonna try this one.
What I enjoy the most in roguelikes: Anti-Farming and Mac Givering my way out. Kind of what I also enjoy in life.