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Where One Citizen - sci-fi life simulation
« on: July 06, 2022, 11:35:32 PM »
I wonder if anyone would be interested in trying something different--a game not about combat but rather about building relationships with people through conversation. As far as I know, it's the first game ever to combine procedural generation with visual novel style character art.

I was surprised myself when I realized that it met the criteria to be considered a traditional roguelike as defined on this site. I guess the roguelike influence on me is so strong that even a game that I don't call a roguelike technically is one! (How's that for a contrast with all the developers calling their games roguelikes when they technically aren't?)

The project has actually been in development for years and I'm putting the first public release here on TotR. It's a beta so I'd very much like to hear your feedback. Downloads for Windows and MacOS below.

About the game

Earth City, the most prestigious new metropolis built in the 24th century, implements a protocol known as the "Social Imperative" whereby citizens must meet a weekly quota of new friends made and/or relationships deepened. Failure to meet one's quota means exile. As a new citizen you will work yourself up from dirt to increasingly nicer living conditions. While doing so perhaps you will discover the closely-guarded secrets of Earth City that the old generation "olgies" have kept hidden....

Where One Citizen is a hybrid that borrows from multiple genres resulting in a unique multi-faceted turn-based system. The game generates all of its characters procedurally. Their visual appearance, their personalities, their familial relationships, where they live, what they do each day, and so on are all unique to each new game started.

- A science fiction story with many surprises waiting.
- Conversation-based leveling. Collect and upgrade an arsenal of conversation topics.
- Work jobs, attend classes, rent homes, and invite your friends to move in with you.
- A city with a life of its own. NPCs, too, have jobs, homes, and relationships with other NPCs.
- Turn-based gameplay more challenging than it initially appears, particularly if you're after the best ending.
- An optional romance system that supports four orientations.
- Supply your own music from your hard drive and the game will randomly assign theme songs to NPCs.

Where One Citizen official site

Downloads available on the website
8-17-2022 - Current version is 2.3.2


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