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Re: Zorbus
« Reply #15 on: May 17, 2019, 11:33:50 PM »
Thanks again, Troubler.

No new release yet but some answers:

2.A lot of enemies like to run away after you have knocked them down to low health. One thing that might happen is they run out of sight.
I haven't really tested this, but in the process they may run into someone your guy would be friendly with, and get killed, thus forfeiting all the EXP if you didn't see it happen.
Again, I don't know 100% what happens. But it's a big reason I chase after most enemies who flee. Though it seems like I would get some of that EXP from chasing them off.
If a creature has 10 health points and you damage it for 7 and it then runs away and some other creature kills it, you'll get 70% (7/10) of the XP, whether the killer is friendly or not and whether you see the death or not.

1.The ability to change your characters sprite at the start of the game with left and right is undocumented as far as I know.
This whole time I had been playing with the default sprite not knowing you could change it. Neat easter-egg otherwise.
This is actually mentioned in the Race-screen when the selector is on the name field and in the Character-screen when the selector is on "Create a new character". I think the text has been there from release 1 but I'm not sure. It's easy to miss as the help text is not seen when the selector actually is on the selected race/character.

I'll try to fix those other things in the next release.

Kyzrati (Gogmind developer) streamed the game:

There's a feedback friday on the game in Reddit:

Elephantman played through the game (spoilers):

Nigetai played through the game (spoilers, japanese translated with google translator):

More from Nigetai (spoilers):,1500004,15700022,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhhGRA1LaQHpsTJsSQBnvFaggTdwvQ
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Re: Zorbus
« Reply #16 on: Today at 12:43:06 AM »
Release 13
  • Search range is now 2. You don't have to walk close to walls to spot secret doors but can detect them from 2 steps away.
  • Heavily reduced the amount of xp gained from skill use (finding secret doors and traps, disabling locks and traps).
  • You can now close doors even if there are items in the doorway. Items will be moved towards the creature closing the door.
  • Rest until healed / Rest for 100 rounds should be a bit faster now (screen is no longer rendered during the rest).
  • New talent: Strengthened Shots. Body-modifier is automatically added to ranged attacks.
  • Ranged Elemental Damage talent's damage raised from 1 to 1d2.
  • Divine essences no longer give you experience.
  • If you pick a locked door while holding it's key, message about unlocking it with a key will no be longer shown.
  • Autopilot is stopped if you have disabled auto-use-key setting and a locked furniture blocks the path.
  • If a creature is friendly to you, it's also friendly to your recruits and animated/summoned creatures. There was a bug that if you for example had the Animal Friend talent, animals would still attack your animated skeletons.
  • Autopilot / autoexplore ignores walking through doors which are known mimics.
  • Fixed a bug where lots of devices where missing from the quickslotable item list. Big thanks for Troubler for mentioning this bug!
  • Prisoners no longer care if you loot containers in the prison's main area.
  • You can press a binded key in the help-screen to get a longer description of the command.
  • Target-mode shows the name of a creature under the target cursor with a black background.
  • Menus with adjustable numeric values have small arrows as visual clues.
  • HOME and END keys can be now used to quickly get to the top / bottom of inventory and other lists.
  • Screen can be maximized / minimized with ALT + BACKSPACE.
  • Fixed a bug where choosing "Return to main menu" from the game menu didn't go to the main menu if you had restarted with the same character.
  • Added a picture (drawn by Zyalin) to the main menu.
  • Fixed some typos.
1.The tankards bug seems to extend to all usable items, like healing potions. Only the first few in your menu appear in the quick-select options.
 For example if you drop something, then other things will be available. Eventually you will come around to what you need by dropping things.
I think I got this fixed now.


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Re: Zorbus
« Reply #17 on: Today at 01:34:50 AM »
I just saw your update when I booted up the game.

If a creature has 10 health points and you damage it for 7 and it then runs away and some other creature kills it, you'll get 70% (7/10) of the XP, whether the killer is friendly or not and whether you see the death or not.
I must have not noticed because the text does not appear when they are away, or it doesn't happen that often. Either way that's a relief.
Theoretical question though. What if the creature heals in the meantime?

Anyway, it's good to see that the game is getting attention. It was interesting comparing my experience with the other victories.
I share some of their opinions, like that acid cloud and wail of the banshee are OP, even in the later game, for similar reasons.
I'm surprised to see people beat the game without lone-wolf. Though I didn't know the NPCs level with you.
Didn't know the final bosses had special diologue if you don't kill them all before the final-final boss either. That's interesting.

Ranged-characters are having trouble holding my interest. The fire-power is so weak for ranged weapons I just end up using melee even with lower skill.
Feels like that route is not too fleshed out yet. Like ranged combat is primarily intended to be used as a supplement to melee combat rather than on it's own.
I will probably keep playing with melee or magic characters for a while, though I think I prefer melee even if weaker because magic is always the same process.
(i.e. I will always start with energy bolt, then blink, then acid cloud, then holy burst, then wail, etc) A few of the spells really outshine the crowd.
No wins this time around. Though I did take a few notes for release 12:

1.You don't start out with enough ammo to get very far with a ranged character for some builds.
 Quickly you will run out of shots and be brought to throwing daggers or whatever you can find.
 Sometimes at this point I just go to melee, which feels like less of a hassle even if my character is less proficient.
 Interesting as emergent gameplay though. My ranged characters often become the rogue from nethack, flinging daggers around.
2.Speaking of that, it would be nice if throwing talents like duelshot could be used with thrown weapons as well.
 I know daggers don't stack, so I don't know how awkward it would be to implement, or any balancing issues with it.
3.The starting ability priorities (i.e +2 body,-2 motion) of any race seem to make no difference. Any build can be made with any race.
 Race only seems to be functionally seperated by posession of dark-vision vs the extra talent of humans as far as I can tell.
4.I've noticed there is really not much variety in ranged weapons. There is the short-bow, sling, and long-bow.
 Compare that to the many spells and copious melee weapons in the game. There are also no ranged artifacts as of yet (that I have found).

1.I once accidentally wandered into a myconids poison cloud while non-hostile, and it became hostile and attacked.