Author Topic: Emerald Woods 0.1.2 - Farming Exploration No-Combat Traditional Roguelike  (Read 3842 times)


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Emerald Woods is a free, chill, farming and exploration roguelike without combat. There is no town; you are all alone in these vast woods.

You have started a new life in the tranquil Emerald Woods, miles away from any sign of human civilization.

In the distance you have seen some abandoned buildings, what secrets do they hide?

* No combat
* Farming: Prepare the ground and plant seeds in order to grow food.
* Collect Animals: Explore the land finding out how to capture the native fauna of the woods.
* Building: Gather wood and stone, and build shelters or a big cabin.
* Crafting: Create tools and furniture.
* Fishing: Build a raft and patiently get some fish.
* Cooking: Create delicious and nutritious dishes with local ingredients.
* Exploration: Explore woods, caverns, and lakes to find abandoned buildings full of secrets.

Version 0.1.2 is out!

After almost 3 years, here is a new juicy version, hope you enjoy it!

Play online for free at

The following are the major changes:

* Full-screen mode!
* Fishing v1: Build a raft and paddle inside a lake to get some fish.
* Campfires now provide light during the night.
* Crafting UX improvements: Imagine what you will make and then build a lot of them if you want.
* Improved immediate on-screen help: Complete relayout and addition of the critical Transform command to obtain seed from fruits, as well as the toggle between Exploration and Work modes.
* Increase hunger recovery for all items.
* Tweaks in animal spawning parameters.
* Fix critical bugs with an infinite inventory.
* Fix bugs with an empty inventory.

Share your adventures in the community and upload your videos! if there’s enough interest the new version might take less than 3 years :)