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Hail Adventurers,

This new release introduces four new classes, bringing the total to 30 player classes!

Necromancer: Obsessed with blurring the line between life and death, these meddlers of dark forces prefer to associate with cadavers over the living. To some, the rituals are grotesque, but they see pure majesty in the manipulation of the natural order.

Mystic: After many years of intense contemplation these soothsayers are ready to venture into the world. Masters of their own mind, they are capable of acts of formidable willpower.

Templar: Questionably pious individuals from an ancient religious and military order. They abuse this power and influence to crusade against practitioners of the occult and supernatural beings.

Miner: Strongly built, this tough and industrious worker is more than capable in dangerous situations. Traditional practices and heavy tools are used to overcome obstacles in their pursuit of valuable gemstones.

To accompany your character there are three new companions: ghoul, imp and dragon egg. Please don't eat your baby dragon egg :-(

Pathos now has a third gender: non-binary. Unlike in the original Nethack, gender has never restricted your class or how you want to play. In Pathos, you can start as a male valkyrie, if you so wish. All genders can be equally seduced by incubus or succubus. Anyway, I hope the inclusion of non-binary makes someone, somewhere, happy.

For new items, the notable addition is three upgraded versions of the skeleton key.

dimension key: auto-blinks through a locked door.

detonation key: explodes the door with a force blast.

phantom key: brief phasing transient so you can pass straight through the door.

For sharing your progress with your friends, there is a new vanity mirror. This is a condensed version of your character sheet and equipment.

For aethetics, there is now a simple bounce animation for every character (not just for those flying or leviating).

Last but not least, the fame calculation has been redesigned to reward playing the game rather than grinding and generally exploiting mechanics. I encourage all players to upgrade to v6.3 as to keep the Hall of Fame as fair as possible.

Major changes since the last public release:

    new classes: necromancer, mystic, templar, miner.

    new companions: dragon egg, imp, ghoul.

    new gender: non-binary.

    new items: dimension key, detonation key, phantom key, sickle, poison dart, potion of divinity.

    new artifact: Creeping Sprout.

    new spell: animate dead.

    vanity mirror for sharing your progress.

    idle bounce animation.

    redesigned fame calculation.
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