Author Topic: Both Rogues Now out of Beta, both unconventional MAD MAX & PRIVATEER ELITE  (Read 2714 times)


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ake command of your own starship in a vast living galaxy. Trade. Smuggle. Battle. Pirate. Explore. You are a Wanted Captain in the vast galaxy. Your Adventures will take you to the known & unknown galaxies in a quest to amass 10.000.000 credits to buy your Pardon. You begin with a small ship and a few credits, but banks can be used for Loans IF! you can pay the interest. The Ships you fly work better with a full crew and upgraded shields and weapons.

There are three factions in the universe to give them a general classification they are Police Traders & Pirates, Police will likely help against pirates but not always, Traders may help against Pirates although some traders will side with the Pirates. The Police also enforce the laws against Blackmarket trading.

Every playthrough is differrent with as much randomization that does not upset the balance. An important Note! This is a roguelike, its made to be a roguelike and is all turnbased, it may look like elite but its a roguelike.

This is a Roguelike, all text and keyboard, but I added some car tiles that can be switched on/off

I made it to simulate cars, with directional damage and attacks, the cars have front rear sides engines wheels steering, and it depends on how your attacked from what direction etc... the cars are 6 cells in size with facing(they have lights
ts a Road combat game in the post worlds end setting, there are RockSlingers, Raming, scrap, Random areas, Gangs , and targets to plunder. Garage for repairs, armor, Fuel, Massive Maps (needed for car driving) upgrade your ststs whenever you can pay the upgrade in scrap as many times as you want. fuel injection, Car Lights,

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