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Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v9.7.5)
« on: June 09, 2015, 12:03:48 PM »  Win/Mac

In Dungeon of Everchange you take a role of a lonely hero, who tries to descend into unknown depths of twisted mazes of Everchange to kill ultimate tyrant Belphegore. There is no written documentation or maps of survivors who dared to enter the mazes and escaped alive, at least no rumours match what you can found down there. Except one: mazes are always different, walls and corridors change, and utmost horrors of every size lurk in dark, waiting for its next prey.

Dungeon of Everchange Features:

    Still in development: Leveling system
    Still in development: Perks
    Action is real time, although if any monsters get aggressive, it turns turn-based.
    Permadeath: no save, no load.
    No shops.
    Freedom in handling items: you may combine, throw, eat, drink anything eatable, drinkable, throwable. It may result in severe outcome, of which death is a most severe one.
    Secret rooms
    ... and many more yet to be discovered.


This release brings lot of visual improvements. Dungeon creating algorithm was changed, and random rooms are now mixed with "predefined" blueprints (and they are being also randomly formed to some degree).
Dungeon decorations are introduced, and mostly notable of them is dry grass decoration. Being highly flammable it can be easily used as a tactical element of the game, putting units at range as they will try not to go over the burning floor, or use it to simply burn them down.Artificial intelligence is a certain monster is fine-tuned, especially AI of the range units. They will try to stay at range, even slip by you if cornered, although some of them will approach you not caring about their ranged attack if they decide to go melee instead. Here is almost complete list of changes:

    Added startup screen. You can name your player and play from specific seed.
    Added scroll of valuable detection.
    Added auras. For now some of the undeads have Eerie Presence aura which decrease accuracy.
    Throwing darts/rocks at barrels leave debriss and triggers traps.
    Creature names are shown properly in messages.
    Added battle messages. Press B to see them in action.
    Enemies don't go anymore across gas tiles. And if catched by explosion, they will try to move out.
    Added Ring Of Weakness.
    If monster is pacified after attacking him it will go aggro again.
    Blind and confused player can fell into water and into lava now.
    Added potion of true seeing.
    Drinking potion now leaves empty bottle.
    Blind attacker's to hit and damage are reduced.
    Blind player don't see combat messages normally. He will only know that someone is attacked him.
    Screen resolution reduces and enlarges depending on monitor resolution. Minimum is 1024x768.
    Tasted food weight less.
    Potion of telepathy take into account mind defenses of creatures and not sense some of the enemies.
    Some of the undead creatures like ghosts now pahse through walls and doors.
    Added torches.
    Added flamable dry grass dungeon feature.
    Added invisibility potion.
    Added grass dungeon feature.
    Added bog dungeon feature.
    Almost all enemies have now at least basic attack.
    Barrels don't spawn in water, lava and over chasm anymore.
    Column decorations.
    Added create non-opaque walls.
    Added portcullis.
    And lot of bugs and small changes not listed here.


Much has been added and changed in the new alpha release of the game. Probably the most important changes are regarding combat and skills. All weapon attacks were changed and improved, all armor defense rating works properly. Skills in weapons and armors were introduced: every successful hit by weapon increase weapon skill slightly, and every received hot on armor increase armor skill rating slightly. Here is the complete list of changes:

    Monsters follow player upstairs if aggroed
    All potions have minor/major variant
    Death types in high score table are shown properly
    When creature falls down through the hole in the ground, it will seek player upstairs
    Aggroed monsters after fall don't disappear anymore
    Rings are wearable
    Amulets are wearable
    Ranged weapons are usable
    Statistics: monster kill counts
    Sleeping monsters didn't felt into abyss if descent potion were throw near/at them
    Enemies can't open doors diagonally anymore
    Stealth range of player is taken into account if enemies wander near player
    Monsters descend after player.
    Combat messages are fixed
    All armors are wearable.
    Weapon adn armor skills are introduced
    All creatures have specialized miss/hit messages
    Item drop works
    Water is animated
    Bullets have smooth animation
    Water/lava have static lightmap
    Real Time/Combat Time works correctly

Definitely seems to be well on the way to getting there.   8)
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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v0.6)
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2015, 04:35:45 PM »
Looks interesting and primising!


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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v0.6)
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2015, 07:06:37 PM »
I like the smooth real-time to turn-based transition.

How do I save the game?


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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v0.6)
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2015, 11:50:01 PM »
I'm afraid that this feature is not implemented yet.
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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v0.6.5)
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2015, 11:22:16 PM »
v0.6.5  8)

As promised this update brings a lot of changes involving every aspect of the game. From dungeon decoration elements to the combat system changes, almost all parts are a little bit changed, tweaked.


    Barrels didn't had any items inside. Now you can find various items in barrels, mostly food, but sometimes more valuable items are also hidden hiden in few of them.
    Bow damage was decreased by 75%.
    Armor durability is increased 100%.


    New skill - Hide in shadows: By pressing 'H' button rogue will try to hide in shadows. There must be visible enemy around for this skill to succeed.
    New skill - Detect Traps: By pressing 'T', rogue will try to search for traps in near vicinity. There is a slight chance of failure.
    New skill - Stealth: Snaking around will increase stealth skill. Increasing this skill will cause rogue to move more silently. Noise level is reduced by 1 tile for every 5 levels gained.
    By pressing 'N' noise level will be shown. Monsters outside rogue's noise level will not detect him. Even if monsters is inside rogue's noise level, there is a slight chance that rogue will remain undetected.
    Weapon skills are grouped. There is piercing, slashing and bludgeon skill instead of weapon skills by type


    There are ten new traps made. Sooner or later rogue will encounter them all, no need to descibe them all.
    Barrel traps occurrence was decreased.


    Equipment pane was changed.
    All help screens were resized.
    Inventory shows unequipped items as slots.
    Messages window is fixed. There was a bug with messages than span across several lines.


    New Decorations: Lot of them. From simple ones like rubble and skulls on ground, there are also specific rooms and even complete levels decorated.
    Gases and explosions pass through portcullis and some other dungeon elements.
    Sometimes chest blocked passability and rogue was unable to proceed.
    Added rogue memory. Non visible environment will stay same as last time seen.
    Empty bottle can be filled with water. Just stand near water and select empty bottle. New option will appear.
    Broken potions leave glass debris.
    Fixed bug which caused level creation alghorithm to create no container on level.


    Ranged combat was broken. It works again.
    Arrows can be equipped again.
    Arrows are represented with directional lines when shot.
    Rogue can shoot through portcullis.
    Selecting enemies [TAB] will show chance to hit them. Also Immunities and Vulnerabilities (or as I call them Vulneromunities) are listed below selected enemy. For example Poison++ means that enemy have Immunity to poison and every poison attack will reduce damage amount by 2.
    Added possibility for rogue to wield melee and ranged weapons at once.
    Healing potions were broken. They work normally now.
    On some circumstances blind enemies were still able to attacked rogue. Fixed.
    Confused enemies cannot anymore to do a ranged attack.
    Added 4 combat skills. They are selectable with numeric buttons 1-4. Two skills are made for melee weapon, two for ranged.
    Slow and haste effects now affects defense and accuracy also.
    Auras broke ring effects, now they work properly.
    Health of rogue is increased by 50%.


    Detect Monsters did now detect undead monsters. Now at least some of the undead monsters type are detected. As Detect Monsters is intended to work as kind of telepathy spell. So any monster that have brain should be normally affected ( if they pass mind attack ), however some of the undead monsters have too odd mind to be successfully affected.
    Monsters have race based immunities.

There's also now a page devoted to some spiffy Isometric display alternate takes as a WIP---found on the Downloads page section.
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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v0.7!)
« Reply #5 on: December 12, 2015, 01:20:40 PM »
Big Time v0.7 update!   8)

Version 0.7 Alpha brings a bag full of candies. It can be said, that it's almost different game if you compare it to previous version. It is more polished, stable and responsive. Game start to get its final look, and this will be last big alpha update. Next milestone will be Beta release.

    Groups added. Few creatures move in packs like animals, or like goblins in wandering war bands. They can be really dangerous, and they come in great variations. Fortunately they not appear that often.
    There is rare death included: becoming wraith
    There is rare death included: being possessed by Lich Lord
    Special death added: teleporting into wall
    Added possibility to play without numeric keyboard (kept in mind laptops without numpad). Just use Shift or Control with arrow keys.
    Search will now reveal illusionary walls also
    Rogue can select one of the 4 races at the beginning of the game
    Rogue is born under one of 12 birth signs
    Monster buffs/debuffs are visible in info pane
    FOV algorithm is faster
    Increased enemy spawn count per level
    Last character sheet is remembered even if you exit from game.
    Screenshot can be taken with F12
    Fixed bug that prevented program to exit normally by clicking on X button in header
    And there are over 3000 automated tests, for testing almost every spell in every variation. Hundreds of errors where found and fixed.

    New Item: Trail Rations, part of "Adventurer's Start Pack"
    New Item: Rope, part of "Adventurer's Start Pack"
    New Item: Healing Herb
    New Item: Waterskin, part of "Adventurer's Start Pack"
    New Item: Flint and Steal, part of "Adventurer's Start Pack"
    New Potion: Acid
    Regeneration strength of Regeneration Rings was decreased
    Scroll named "Goosfraba" will be usually generated as Peace scroll
    Potion of true seeing will reveal traps also
    Destroyed items are not usable anymore
    Eaten stacked food will not consume complete stack
    Tasted stacked food is now split out of stack. Tasted stack of 5 rations, will leave you 4 rations and 1 tasted ration.
    Potion of Anti Venom negates poison as intended.

    Endurance Skill: As your expertise in endurance increase, every 5 level player can choose to increase wounds or fatigue by certain amount.
    Arcana Skill: Added
    Ranged Skill: Added
    Melee Skill: Added
    Sacral Skill: Added
    Added (pure aesthetic) automated determination of class based on abilities player choose. Classes are:
        Rune Seeker
        War Wizard
        Master Warden
        Divine Stalker
        Sacred Defender
        Death Speaker
        Spirit Warrior
    BUG: Armor spell empowers properly only armor and not weapons, shields, rings and amulets too.
    BUG: Armor spell was wrongly calculated, now it adds correctly to defense
    Selecting primary and secondary skill will have following effect:
        Upon descending to new level your primary skill will be increased to 10+level*2, secondary to 5+level
        Your primary skill increasing will be 200% faster, your secondary skill 150% faster.

    There is some minor chance that pressure plate trap will be detected just by passing by

    Completely redesigned UI
    Added mouse support for handling several UI elements
    Left side panes are sortable
    Left side panes have open/close animation added
    Aggressive enemies are not draw anymore in red, they have * character instead, drawn in upper left corner
    Friendly enemies have green * character drawn in upper right corner
    Creatures in darker regions cannot be recognized clearly
    Creatures and rogue shouts when hit.
    Creature will shout and curse in it's own language. There are Goblinoid, Orcish and Demonic language at the moment.
    3 defenses (Body, Mind, Reflex) are shown on screen instead of average one.
    All creatures got limbs, so combat messages normally show which body part was attacked.
    In game help screen was cleaned up
    "Seen area" can be changed to gray from main menu
    Selected item's pop-up now can be closed by pressing [Enter] (as some other popups also)
    Character creations screen is improved
    Selected ability is highlighted
    Armor empowered with Armor spell is drawn in blue
    BUG: Some items were wrongly represented with double enchantment, like Ring of Stealth +1 +1
    BUG: Invisible enemies are no more visible in sidebar.
    BUG: Invisible enemies are no more selectable with TAB
    BUG: Invisible enemy's aura is no longer visible
    BUG: Fixed "You see pipe on the water" grammatical bug to "You see rusty pipe over the water"
    BUG: Equipment pane doesn't draw item names over length of pane

    During combat splattered blood on floor have different colors. Kobolds have green blood for example. Did you know that bee's have colorless blood, and spiders blue?
    Level creation is optimized and much more faster

    Casting fireball on burning creature didn't had any effect. Now it will correctly harm creature.
    On ranged attack monster will go aggressive even if attack misses
    All combat action now use Fatigue instead of ticks, so rogue can even take several powerful actions, one after another without delay.
    Some creatures have cone based attacks (like Belphegor)
    Intelligent creatures in groups will warn each other if being attacked or see something suspicious
    Undead creatures are turnable
    Demonic creatures are boundable
    Moving away from enemy adjacent to you will give them a free attack
    Selecting enemy and power will show accurate damage amount range that will be inflicted
    Monsters and rogue can be silenced, and unable to cast magic and read scrolls.
    All creatures have regeneration now. Luckily on most creatures is rather really slow.
    Haste effect increases reflex defense by 10
    Injecting attacks are triggered only if flesh is hit. Armor will usually stop injecting attack.
    There is a knockback attack added.
    Player can select favorite weapon class giving him +5 accuracy
    BUG: Full Armor defense was used in combat calculation and not modified one.
    BUG: Armor Skill level wasn't used in defense calculation
    BUG: STRONG effect wasn't applied accurately. It was used with one level less.
    BUG: Fixed bug when paralyzed creatures could attack
    STRANGE BUG: Creature standing on another dead creature couldn't be hit.
    For clarification: there are 3 ways to make actual attack:
        Bump onto enemy, this will trigger melee attack with selected ability
        Press TAB to select enemy, then press ENTER to activate (mostly ranged) attack
        Press 0-9 for select ability. Press same button again to activate ability (if possible) on self

    New Creature: Alpha Rat
    New Creature: Goblin Warlord
    New Creature: Ant Queen
    New Creature: Bee Queen
    New Creature: Orc Archer
    New Creature: Orc Defender
    New Creature: Orc Warlord
    New Creature: Fire Skeleton
    New Creature: Fire Elemental
    New Creature: Vampiric Mist
    New Creature: Elder Eye
    New Creature; Witch Hound
    New Creature: Lich Lord
    New Creature: Tortured Soul
    New Creature: Magic Horror
    New Creature: Skeletal Archer
    New Creature: Burning Skeleton
    New Creature: Skeletal Lord
    New Creature: Death Wolf
    HUGE TASK: ALL Creatures have ALL their planned attacks fixed, AI implemented.
    Black Wolves always appear in pack.
    There was a bug with some of enemies with Brute behavior (like Ogre) when they never regained Fatigue during combat.
    Some creatures have got vulnerability to specific attack types. For example skeletons are vulnerable to bludgeon attacks.
    Not all creatures will spawn in secret rooms.
    All creatures are born with one of the birth signs, giving them birth sign effects
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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v0.7!)
« Reply #6 on: December 16, 2015, 02:31:48 PM »
I hate that if you press esc the game closes and becouse of that I ragequited!


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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v0.7!)
« Reply #7 on: December 16, 2015, 02:42:08 PM »
Was reported by many people, developer promises fix it.


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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v9!)
« Reply #8 on: December 08, 2016, 05:21:22 PM »
Alpha 9 Update at long last!   8)

ALPHA 9 is ready. Please note that this version is currently for Windows only, Mac version will be ready within a month. Sadly, I cannot release Mac version at same time as Windows version, as this release have enormous amount of changes, and different build process that need to be applied to Mac version as well.  You can read "short" release notes below.

I would kindly ask you to register within the game, log in and enable in options: "Automatic game session upload" and "Login automatically on start". It will help me to see where people die mostly and from which reason, so I can balance game even more. What is sent to the server? Only morgue files, and nothing more.

You can download it from here.

Enjoy your play!

Release Notes


    Fixed compatibility issues with Win8/Win10
    Number of arrows is randomized on game start.
    Selecting enemies is redesigned: they are selected from nearest to farthest.
    Selection stays on target and it is not cleared upon movement as long as you can see that enemy.
    Player name can contain more than one word. There was a bug that after a save, names with more than one word were not reloaded correctly.
    Fatigue is represented inverted. 0 fatigue means you are fresh and ready. Reason behind this change is that if your fatigue is 0 it means that you are not fatigued at all.
    Texts were reviewed, and grammar fixed.
    Picking and dropping now takes some minor amount of time, so there is a slight danger if you want to pickup items while in combat.
    NEW: Altars are redesigned to have books and scrolls placed on it. Up to 2 scrolls and 1 book can be found on altars.
    NEW: items are sorted by type in inventory, weapons, armors, potions etc. It is much more easier to scan through your inventory to manage item you wanted to handle. By pressing
  • sign beside each category you can close that category making more room to see other items. By pressing [-] you can re-open those categories again.

    NEW: Items are sorted by type in containers, weapons, armors, potions etc. Same as

    NEW: Online leaderboard. It can be found at here. To upload a score to leaderboard you need to log in before the game starts. You can choose automatic login inside options section. Also there is possibility for automatic upload of morgue files.
    NEW: Login from within the game, used for uploading the morgue files to server. You can check automatic login from options to be automatically logged in upon next game restart. Occasionally (if your IP changes) program will ask to re-enter your credentials.
    NEW: Register from game. You can register on website also, but it is much more easier to do it from within the game.
    NEW: Morgue files. They can be saved locally on your hard disk under morgue directory, or sent to the server.
    NEW: Added fullscreen option. It can be activated from within options section.
    NEW: When windowed, game screen can be resized
    NEW: You can change the font size from within the options section.
    NEW: Added Actions menu: Make Camp, Tactics, Prayers and Spells book.   
    By making a camp you can restore your fatigue, heal your wounds, learn new abilities, remember forgotten ones.
    With Tactics, Prayers and Spells you can bind/unbind those to your active abilities list (by pressing 0-9).
    BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when Protection from fire spell ended, player gained vulnerability to fire
    BUGFIX: Ghost types enemies now phase through walls normally.
    BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when on some occasions items would not stack properly.
    BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when light was cast on area, exited the game, and game restarted with the same seed, light still lightened the area.
    BUGFIX: Fixed a rare bug when enemy felt into abyss or into lava, game crashed.
    BUGFIX: There were few foods that you couldn't taste, only eat them comletely.
    BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when wolves had suicidal behavior to jump into water. They died off course.
    BUGFIX: Fixed color of blood for colorless blood types (like bees)
    BUGFIX: Fixed a animation of acidic gases.
    CHANGE: Reduced duration of acidic clouds. (Reason: Acidic clouds stayed around for really long time, preventing your movement, and making them really fatal .)


     Wearing unidentified magical items will show "Unknown effect" in effect pane if effect cannot be recognized automatically.
     Putting on unidentified ring of perception will identify the ring, as you will automatically sense your surroundings even through the wall.
     Putting on unidentified ring of levitation will identify the ring, as its pretty obvious which ring it is, since your legs will leave the ground.
     All items now have 'found on depth level X' flavor text.
     Ring of anger is identified automatically if worn.
     Added drop all option, for dropping stacked items
     Items from containers and dead bodies can be examined before pickup.
     Fatigue is no more decreased in combat, as fatigue is redesigned into something new. You can read about it here.
     Shot arrows can be looted from bodies.
     Missed arrows are pickable again, they will be scattered around the level.
     Equipped magical items will be automatically recognized as cursed or blessed, since cursed items cannot be removed, and if you can remove it, then obviously the item is benevolent.
     Equipped plate and mail items will reduce chance of successfully casting a spell, as metal tend to disrupt channeling of magical vibrations.
     Plate and mail will increase generated noise. More plate and mail armors you wear, more noisy you are.
     NEW ITEM: Book (Moves & Triggers). They are one of most important items in game as you can learn new abilities by reading the book, or improve existing ones if you already know that ability.
     CHANGE: Cursed items gives will give you negative armor, which will cause in additional damage. Reason behind this change is that some cursed plate items were more powerful than benevolent cloth or leather items.
     CHANGE: Cursed items doesn't suffer from durability decrease. Player need to find different way to remove cursed item.
     BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when arrows where dropped, then they disappeared.
     BUGFIX: Fixed issue when strange type of amulets where generated


     Throwing any item at enemy will do some basic damage
     Explosive bloat's death explosion will knock you back (and all creatures caught in explosion)
     Missed attacks will increase attack's experience while hit will increase skill in weapon category
     While there is combat ongoing, no creatures will regenerate their health.
     Ranged weapons will increase ranged skill instead of piercing skill, from arrows or bludgeon from throwing rocks
     NEW: Inflicting physical damage is reduced for life and side paths that doesn't use weapons. For example if your life path is arcana and side path is in leather armor, you will inflict less damage as your path's are not oriented toward weapon combat.
     NEW: Triggers, when special condition is met, triggers can be activated. They are counter measures, counter attacks. Some of them are automatically activated, some of them need some kind of action. Only triggers that belong to your life path can be learned.
     NEW: There is a chance for spellcasting to fail.
     NEW: Power failures have their penalty. You can choose your own penalty, or let RNG choose. Common penalties are accuracy decrease, fatigue increase, temporary amnesia. After you rest fatigue is restored, wounds healed and spells re-memorized
     All players get at the beginning of the game:
        Hack&Slash, basic melee attack that all paths have. Damage is reduced if player had chosen a path that doesn't have common point with physical damage.
        Volley, basic ranged attack. Damage is reduced if player had chosen a path that doesn't have common point with physical damage.
    ARCANA is redesigned into cantrips and spells
            Arcane Energy, hurling raw arcana energy at enemies to inflict damage upon them
            Arcane Armor, shields body parts with arcane energies. Those body parts that have metal equipment on it, will not be shielded as metal disrupts arcane energies flow.
            Impale, for attacking up to 3 enemies in row.
            Push, smaller or similar size enemies can be pushed easily. Creatures can be pushed into lava, water, abyss.
            Burden Defense, decreases body and reflex defenses of enemy for a short period of time.
            Slicing Blow, accurate attack that increases number of wounds inflicted.
            Battle Cry, frightens all visible enemies, increases accuracy by +1 when fighting them.
            Restorative Body, player can negate some damage but it will cost him accuracy
            Retaliate, if enemy misses player, automatically throw back attack with no cost
     SACRALS are redesigned into rotes and spells
            Light, casted on a weapon held in main hand will make item glow as long is held in your hand
            Turn Undead, damages undeads and make them flee
            Bless, Will add +1 to all rolls, and -1 to spellcast until this spell is active
            Sacral Weapon, adds some addition damage to weapon held
            Cure Wounds, restore some wounds without need for a rest
     BUGFIX: Shooting arrows at melee range didn't removed ammo
     BUGFIX: Shooting by double pressing number on keyboard allowed to shoot even without arrows
     BUGFIX: on some occasions blood wasn't spilled on ground if creature was hit
     BUGFIX: selecting plate armor as life or side path invoked undesired behavior, and shield was selected instead
     BUGFIX: Fixed issue when some attacks did not added multiplied damage
     BUGFIX: Fixed ranged attacks over water, lava and abyss
     BUGFIX: Non magical arrows cannot harm monsters with immunities to normal weapons


    Fixed screen resolution issues when on small displays part of game screen were cut-off. You can change resolution inside options section.
    You can see with CT & RT indicators which mode is active. Combat time (CT) or real time (RT)
    Used less spacing between characters for more readable text
    Same messages are grouped (You destroy barrel. x4)
    Added item pick up messages, with assigned char (You pickup a carrot - 'l')
    Added item drop messages, with assigned char (You drop a carrot - 'l')
    Added place into container messages, with assigned char (You place carrot - 'l' in box)
    Enemies and player will flash for a moment when hit.
    Menu has new animated ASCII graphics done in REXPaint
    Dialogs have new UI design.
    Panels have new UI design
    Added credit section
    Static maps calculation speed is greatly increased
    Reduced visibility radius. As player goes deeper, visibility radius is gradually reduced.
    NEW: If monster is selected their speed speed is shown in TU (time units)
    NEW: If monster is selected their size is shown
    NEW: attack outcome will create floating text above monsters and player. You can see Miss and how much damage you have done to that enemy.
    NEW: Sleeping enemies have zzz above their head
    NEW: Inventory is sorted by item type
    BUGFIX: Spilled blood is not too strong anymore, and it will gradually increase blood color on tile. Different color types of blood will mix showing different colors.


    Greatly increased size of generated levels. First levels will be generated with only few rooms and few enemies, and as reaching down the deeper levels, those levels are generated with greater complexity and greater number of enemies.
    Dungeon generation speed is increased to over 400%


    YES/NO dialogs can be closed with pressing ENTER/ESC
    All pop-ups can be closed by pressing ESC
    Selection on selected enemy can be cleared with ESC
    Removed ESC as a way to exit from a game
    Help screen: Remapped F1 to ?
    Added Ctrl+X to exit to main menu. One popup will be shown asking you to confirm your action.
    Added Ctrl+Q to immediately quit from game. No popup.
    Clicking with right mouse on enemy will select that enemy.
    Clicking with left mouse on unselected enemy will select it (same as clicking with right mouse)
    Clicking with left mouse on selected enemy will apply currently selected ability.
    Added vi keys for movement
    Pressing keys will move player one square, holding will make continuous movement
    All keybinds remapped to "standard roguelike"-ish version
    Searching for traps and secrets are merged into one command invoked by pressing 's' key. A time needed to check your surroundings is slighlty increased.
    Numeric keyboard will not select spells & tactics, and will move player normally
    Pressing 'D' will display current seed.
    Pressing 'U' player can lay down, stand up
    NEW: look command, activated by pressing '/'
    NEW: laying down on ground, activated by pressing 'D', player is a bit less visible for monsters
    NEW: Autoexplore, activated by pressing (experimental)


    Monster strength will partially scale with depth
    Some of the monsters have neutral behavior, and will try to avoid you to some point. They may change their mind if you constantly try to enter their comfort zone.
    All monsters can have one of the variants Weak, Normal, Tough, Demonic
    Player's summoned creatures doesn't tolerate other summoned creatures player have. They will seek and try to destroy each other.
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Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v9.5!)
« Reply #9 on: June 12, 2018, 06:56:18 PM »
And Alpha 9.5 also released. :)

You can download  Alpha 9.5

 At main webpage:

 You can read latest changelog at:  :)

 If you played the game, please send some morgue files to server. It is great source of information for me, where and why people die.


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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v9.6!)
« Reply #10 on: July 27, 2018, 08:13:35 AM »
Alpha 9.6 Released

Almost two months after the previous release, here is another one. Next update will be approximately in 6 weeks.

You can download  Alpha 9.6

 At main webpage:

And again, if you played the game, please send some morgue files to server. It is great source of information for me, where and why people die, for game to get a better optimization.

NEW: Sound support, a lot of sounds have been added
NEW: Added 32x32 font
NEW: Wounded, bleeding enemies will flash red for a moment
NEW: Monster transitions between tiles are now time based. Slower machines have better gameplay dynamics
NEW: Flying monsters are represented same as levitating monsters. They move up and down.
NEW: 3 new levels of 'Move away' ranged trigger
NEW: Morgue file is expanded with learned player powers and info on how many times player have used it
NEW: Morgue file is expanded with learned player triggers and info on how many times they got activated
NEW: Morgue files is expanded with eradicated creatures number and their types.
MOD: Sacral Weapon can be cast on ranged weapon
MOD: Monsters glyphs will better blend will darkness, being hard to recognize in shadows
MOD: Levitating is represented better
MOD: Hallucinations will slightly modify the foliage also
MOD: For selected sacral side path, player's starting equipment have 2 potion of healing (down from 5)
MOD: Sacral weapon has got new levels.
MOD: Sacral weapon have reduced max damage by -50%
MOD: Most of the stronger arrow powers got their recharge time increased
MOD: Modified chances for critical hit and critical miss to occur more often
MOD: Finetuned most of ranged abilities   
MOD: First level will never spawn secret rooms
MOD: Increased green slime chances to split
MOD: Increased green slime chances to swallow items
MOD: Redesigned Chariot & Lover birthsign
FIX: Ranged weapons were not able to trigger critical misses
FIX: If detect monster scroll was read, then player encounters detected monster previously not seen, if monster goes away, telepatic bond will break
FIX: Changed logging level of published builds
FIX: On entering cyclic dungeon player was sometimes moved into wall.
FIX: Dead monsters wrongly spawns zzz, as it was asleep
FIX: If enemy died near stairs up/stairs down, there was a possibility that carried items will be dropped on stairs. They cannot be picked from that place.
FIX: Scroll of light works again as intended
FIX: Confused monsters that are out of sight don't popup confused text anymore
FIX: Dragon could be distinguished form others with scroll of detect monsters (by size)
FIX: Encountered bloat, killed it at range. One rat died I have never encountered, on a tile I've never seen. Dead body of rat popped on screen
FIX: Upon wearing ring of perception, surrounding is created on next turn, but it should be shown immediately
FIX: Ring of regeneration wasn't applying regeneration strength
FIX: Effect of removing rings did not worked always
FIX: If player equipped ring of hunger or ring of slow metabolism, all creatures were affected with it.
FIX: Ring of absorption now works as intended
FIX: Sacral Weapon was castable even when no weapon was equipped
FIX: If enemy was selected, displayed possible damage was not always correct
FIX: Ranged Life path had Bow +0, should be +1
FIX: Regression bug, bullets were not visible.
FIX: Regression falling bug. Player/monster died instead of falling.
FIX: Regression bug, map was not revealed with magic mapping.
FIX: Dead monsters were levitating.
FIX: Regression bug, with pathfinding and approach behavior of monsters. They stood confused sometimes.
FIX: Indefinitely sleeping monsters bug.
FIX: Sacral weapon and similar self casting spells could increase score indefinitely, by constant casting.
FIX: Regression fix, after the game is over, now the actual highscore entry is highlighted
FIX: Regression fix, Arcane Armor works as intended
FIX: Sacral weapon will not fail anymore if player is targeting enemy


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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v9.7!)
« Reply #11 on: May 22, 2019, 12:18:51 PM »
Alpha 9.7

With every new version we are getting closer to Alpha 10. There will be 3 major releases until that, and probably 2 minor ones. Here is the change log for a current Alpha 9.7 version:

     NEW: Player can be controlled by mouse
     NEW: Added new identify system. Items will be automatically identified after some time. System is divided into 3 broad groups.
      Identifying as pure spellcasters, identifying as hybrid spellcasters and identifying as non spellcatsres. Usually player will identify items by reading scroll of identify or
      by donning items (as mean of gambling with RNG) when player will sense if item is cursed or blessed.
      Now there is a third method(s):
        As a non spellcaster player can equip item and:

            if item is weapon, it will be identified after 15 defeated enemies with it
            if item is armor, it will be identified after item gets hit for a certain amount of time. Weightier items need more time to be identified than one cloth armor
        As a pure spellcaster (player with major path in Arcana or Sacrals), player don't need to wear item, it has slight non cumulative chance each turn that it will be identified 0.1%*major path level/turn
         As a hybrid spellcaster (player with minor path in Arcana or Sacrals), player don't need to wear item, it has slight minor non cumulative chance each turn that it will be identified 0.1%*minor path level/turn
        also if the item is armor and it gets hit, it has a slight non-cumulative chance to be identified (2%/hit)

     NEW: Trigger popup shows fatigue cost of each trigger activated
     NEW: Liquid bodies generation is changed to contour 'bombing' algorithm
     NEW: Resting popup is moved on top of the screen. You can observe what is happening around you
     NEW: New type of up/down stairs distance evaluations
     NEW: If more than one creature is bound, they will not kill each other.
     NEW: Added accept TOS
     NEW: Opening/closing doors and containers will not trigger popup if there is only one outcome.
     NEW: 3 new death types
     NEW: most of the items have price (which will be calculated into final score)
     NEW: new popups after casting Protect armor & Protect weapon
     NEW: new popup after identifying item
     NEW: new popup after enchanting item
     NEW: Several new predefined blueprint rooms
     NEW: Modding possibility with Maptographer
     NEW: Pressing 'B' will draw map in Black & White
     NEW: Added default message when player tries to pickup something form ground and there is nothing
     MOD: Coloring scheme of the walls is slightly changed
     MOD: Exit dungeon glyph is changed to different one
     MOD: Dungeon generation room attaching is speed up on certain occasions
     MOD: Increased number of rooms generated at lower depths
     MOD: Visibility radius increased
     MOD: Epic quality items are renamed to Legendary quality items
     MOD: Unique quality items are renamed to Divine quality items
     MOD: Slightly increased trigger countdown timer (by 0.25 sec to show 0 at the end)
     MOD: 'Move away' trigger description text is changed
     MOD: Refactored threat decision factor for friendly units
     MOD: Modified score calculations based on a new prices of weapons
     MOD: Determining of the player class is changed. By learning at least two powers in one category player will be marked proficient in it.
     MOD: Inventory will not be closed after Protect weapon or Protect armor was cast
     MOD: In case player is camping and receives damage, he will wake up
     MOD: Refactored container code
     FIX: Fixed functional bug of Scroll of Wealth. It didn't always showed positions of treasures
     FIX: Fixed bug in invalid statistical calculation of attack turns
     FIX: Fixed bug with endurance level detection, when endurance was increased more rapidly
     FIX: Fixed bug in invalid statistical calculation of wait turns
     FIX: On first level there was a chance for a stairs to be flooded with water
     FIX: Rare bug when no stairs were generated
     FIX: Regressive fix, items are not added anymore to container if player threw item at it, but instead put on floor beside
     FIX: Triggers will not be activated if player is camping (not yet fixed)
     FIX: Enemies rarely hit sleeping player
     FIX: When enemy miss player it will spawn "Miss" floating text
     FIX: Bound & charmed enemies will not activate 'Jump Away' trigger
     FIX: Enemies will target bound creature as well beside the player
     FIX: 'Jump away' trigger will no more activate when player is dead and enemy approaches
     FIX: Fixed cyclic dungeons chaotic occurrence. Cyclic dungeon frequency was determinated before RNG seed, which caused unpredictable behavior
     FIX: Edge of the map is now properly filled with walls/cave walls
     FIX: Fixed a bug when occasionally game would crash on assigning monster to a group with non-existent group leader
     FIX: Fixed a bug when green slime was hit with magic spell *on melee range*, slime swallowed your held weapon. Slimes should only swallow your melee weapon.
     FIX: Fixed crash when creating books with unknown powers
     FIX: Monsters that are able to fly are now correctly sleeping only over solid ground (and not over lava as they used to)
     FIX: Removed obsolete non visible walls from cyclicly generated maps.
     FIX: Cursed rocks were found with cursed prefix in their name. Fixed it to Cursed (?)
     FIX: Fixed program crash if no stairs could be placed in current dungeon
     FIX: Negative durability of some cursed items
     FIX: Regressive fix on summon monster scroll, when instead of monsters being aggressive they were friendly toward player.
     FIX: Regressive fix on resizing window which didn't worked.
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Re: Dungeons of Everchange (now at Alpha v9.7.5)
« Reply #12 on: August 22, 2019, 12:25:02 PM »
One of the most important changes Alpha 9.7.5 brought is a new inventory UI, which will enable much more cleaner look at surroundings while browsing the inventory. Here is the complete changelog:

    NEW: Inventory UI
    NEW: Actions UI
    NEW: Looting UI
    NEW: Accuracy will decrease if target is not close
    NEW: Added Weakling class in case player is too weak in power
    NEW: You can admire treasure now
    NEW: Player will have text above his head on each start of the game.
    NEW: player will be reminded to fill waterskins if they are near water
    NEW: cursed items can be removed when item's durability is reduced to 0
    MOD: Changed level calculations of player
    MOD: Unified logging of game data into file
    MOD: Changed from REX to Maptographer file format
    MOD: Triggers count toward calculating of the player class
    MOD: Renamed Fighter class to Warrior
    MOD: Learning existing powers will increase power level by 1 instead setting power to some level (preventing for example to learn Hack & Slash on depth 1)
    MOD: Modified a bit durability and weight. It will be not so obvious which items are cursed and which blessed by simply looking at the numbers.
    FIX: Main menu shortcuts works normally
    FIX: Fixed spell failure to display minimum default spell failure to 5% (was 0%)
    FIX: Spell failure was displayed wrong: it should be 100%-Spell Failure
    FIX: Fixed not to activate 'Slide away' trigger when monster circles around player
    FIX: Fixed not to enable player to slide outside of 'Slide Away' trigger range when trigger is activated
    FIX: Fixed rare incomplete level generations
    FIX: Fixed issue with enemies who were not encountered and died for some reason, would not be visible on map even after being seen for the first time.
    FIX: Clicking on minimize on Powers, Effects & Triggers pane works again
    FIX: bug when player could point to unexplored/non visible space and if there was a monster it would show you that you cannot recognize monster in dark
    FIX: monsters that die while being telepathically bound will be shown on map as ? if they were not encountered yet
    FIX: monsters that die while not being encountered will not show up on map
    FIX: Item will not be dropped anymore by pressing 'a' if it has quantity 1
    FIX: Fixed anomalies that affected comparison of some items and displayed wrong values
    FIX: Fixed bug which enabled you to drop worn cursed items  (effectively removing it)
    FIX: Fixed bug which enabled you to put worn cursed items in container (effectively removing it)
    FIX: Regressive fix of non working debuff damagers (i.e. Bee toxins didn't damaged you)
    FIX: Fixed Honey splash debuff that was sometimes cast multiple times from a same creature.
    FIX: Bee's sometimes goes mad, killing player in a blink of eye (need still testing was this fixed)
    FIX: Fixed Eye paralytic attack to work properly
    FIX: Fixed bug in power leveling of 'Sacral Weapon'.
    FIX: After camping if no powers are selected, game will select one for you
    FIX: If camping was disturbed and you tried to bind power over another, old power was still bound to your key
    FIX: While moving on path if player hits chest, it was impossible to close the inventory window.
    FIX: If you have split stack of arrows, and one you have wearing is identified, after you pickup non-identified arrows they will be identified, and properly stacked with other arrows.
    FIX: After picking up items from piles, hovering mouse over the pile's place shown wrong message
    FIX: Dropping worn magical item will remove magical effect properly
    FIX: Manually uploaded sessions work properly
    FIX: Avatar name cannot be anymore empty
Brian Emre Jeffears
Aspiring Designer/Programmer/Composer
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