Author Topic: Allure of the Stars v0.9.5.0 stars in reddit's Feedback Friday  (Read 2604 times)

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The freshly released Allure of the Stars v0.9.5.0 stars in today's reddit's Feedback Friday. Please come over, play, share your scores, offer feedback and have fun!

Browser play and binaries are available. Note that Mac OS X binaries are accessible from Homebrew via `brew install allureofthestars`. Dear sight-impaired players, please use the screen reader binary (for Linux) and offer feedback especially about how to improve the text UI to be more accessible to you.

If you prefer a quirky fantasy/victorian/maths-punk setting, the LambdaHack engine's sample game may be more to your liking:
Feel free to share your feedback under the same reddit post.
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