Author Topic: [NSFW] Sanctuary in Time - a text-based, adult game w/ sci-fi & RPG elements  (Read 4446 times)


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Greetings, one and all!

I'm Max Ingram (NovusOperandi), indie developer of the text-based adult game Sanctuary in Time. There's a Free Edition available for download, plus a Complete Edition w/ extra bells & whistles. You can find them both on the Itch storefront (or via the link in my signature & profile). Check out the details below. Thank you for reading!

Sanctuary in Time is a text-based, adult game with sci-fi & RPG elements!​
Your father's just been murdered. He was the God of Time. Now, it's your turn! Save damsels from dark corners of history; train them as warriors, courtesans, or workers. Build your forces. Expand & upgrade your citadel. And survive the enemies that seek your death!

m/f, voyeurism, incest, female muscle, player as god

  • A text-based, narrative driven experience.​ Features both a hand-crafted main story campaign as well as procedurally generated side story content that occurs randomly.
  • Turn-based action.​ Inspect and manage your followers, give them duty assignments to perform, then advance time to see the results of your choices.
  • Customize & romance your followers.​ The more devoted and loving your followers become, the more options you have for interacting with them. Unlock new choices for customization and intimacy as your followers advance in your service.
  • Choose the path of strength, persuasion, or both!​ Train your followers to be well-muscled warriors who fight to defend your life, or guide them down the paths of diplomacy and the loving arts so they can serve as peace-making priestesses instead. It's entirely up to you!
  • Be the new God of Time.​ Use the technology of your Celestial forebears to pluck women in distress from the darkest recesses of Earth's history. Save them from fates worse than death and earn their eternal gratitude!
Max Ingram
Novus Operandi Games
Sanctuary in Time is a text-based, adult game w/ sci-fi & RPG elements!