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Support page updated with current projects
« on: January 15, 2018, 06:22:33 PM »
Your contribution helps me pay hosting fees and other operation costs, as well as continue making roguetemple grow. See below for details

Current Infrastructure

- Private VPS at DigitalOcean for (120USD / Year)

- Blogging account at for (48USD / Year)

- Shared Hosting at for (Blog and other content) (252USD / Year) [NOTE: Not used exclusively for roguetemple]

Current Project: Migration from BlueHost

I am moving away all content from my personal bluehost account, this is to make mantaining the blog easier, increasing security on it and keeping cost controlled and separate.

The blog is now set up at, all data migrated and working. Pending: Finish redirects setup to avoid missing content.

Planned Projects

Revive the Roguemundi: Roguelike World Map. Back on 2008 we had a website where people could add themselves in and check if there were other roguelike enthusiasts in their home towns or any locations they were visiting. I'm planning to set it up again with a modern 2018 UI.