Author Topic: Gooncrawl (now at v1.0)  (Read 1953 times)


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Gooncrawl (now at v1.0)
« on: January 29, 2018, 01:22:40 PM »   Grand DCSS fork madness begins anew in another direction~  8)

-Reimplemented High Elves
-Reimplemented Sludge Elves
-Added hat and scarf equipment options to felids
-Added helmet equipment option to octopodes
-Increased Ogre Maces & Flails aptitude to +3

-Reimplemented Death Knights
-Reimplemented Priests

-Added Jiyva to the list of Temple gods

-Reimplemented Poisonous Cloud
-Reimplemented Phase Shift
-Reimplemented Control Undead
-Reimplemented Cigotuvi's Embrace
-Reimplemented spellpower boost for Dragon Call while in Dragon Form
-Reimplemented book amnesia
-Added Blades of Disaster: A L6 Charms/Conj spell that temporarily allows you to summon
  prisms as you attack enemies in melee for a short period of time, detonating them all
  when the spell expires. The prisms scale with the user's spellpower and weapon damage.

-Reimplemented Crown of Eternal Torment unique item
-Reimplemented scrolls of recharging
-Reimplemented wands of hasting
-Reimplemented potions of restore abilities
-Reimplemented hammers
-Added shards of Zot: A fragment of the Orb of Zot, which can be evoked to teleport the user,
  as well as attempt to teleport all other monsters in line of sight.
-Added harps of healing: A musical instrument that can be evoked to heal the user, as long as
  they stay still to continue playing the instrument.

-Reimplemented Norris
-Reimplemented boulder beetles
-Reimplemented normal sheep
-Replaced Malmutate on neqoxecs with Paralyze
-Replaced Malmutate on cacodemons with Entropic Weave

-Changed Tomb trap doors back to stone stairs (kept Tomb:3 treasure chamber door addition)
-Added some vaults

-Added random food flavor descriptions when eating rations
-Mutagenic chunks are back
-Kept the old fat cacodemon tile
-Added the crablang fake language (still a WIP)
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