Author Topic: Roguelike about a Maid  (Read 6237 times)


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Roguelike about a Maid
« on: August 01, 2017, 08:33:28 PM »

Title: Roguelike about a Maid ( working title  :) )
Developers: YDKR Team
Platforms: PC

My friend and I started developing this game a long time ago. We have brought the game to a more or less playable state and we want to share it.

There is no HP in the game, but we do not understand whether it is a good or not. We think the game is interesting, but we want to know whether it will be interesting to other people. Please let us know your thoughts.

Here is the link to an alpha-version
(The game can be played in a web-browser.)

Some instructions
SPACE - skip turn.
Right Mouse Button on the object on the floor - delete the object.
Cntrol+Left Button on the item in the inventory - remove the item from the inventory (but it can be very buggy)