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« on: November 02, 2017, 07:00:31 PM »
I'm working on a simple roguelike that uses 3d graphics (...)

Well, since the person who was supposed to help me with art and design vanished, I have been forced to downgrade the fidelity and scope of the project considerably  :-\. This involved a complete redesign of the game and porting it to the open source MIT-licensed Godot Engine. Notably this is a game engine, not a graphics engine (like Irrlicht) so prototyping is much faster.

-Graphics are now a mix of 3D/2D, (somehat like Don't Starve) to take advantage of the massive amount of free sprite resources offered online. I expect everything except terrain/buildings will be sprites.

-Simplified Inventory System. Each class is tied to a character sprite sheet with fixed (visually) equipment, to save time on modelling/drawing/animating. This means any equipment you would pick up will buff/debuff your damage/range/defense/hp/mp and such instead of making big changes to gameplay. However, spells read from scrolls are unchanged, since these are a less work to draw/model, and will probably be accessed through a grid-like inventory/bag.

-Simplified Character System. Since the character sprite sheets are fixed, I decided to use a Hero-like class system like in Moba games. This means barebone attributes/stats, 4 (or more) class abilities/spells/skills each. This basically locks you into a specific way of playing for each class, so I will probably need more classes.

-Travel Event System. Since the amount of worked involved in making hundreds of assets to make a proper 3d world with randomized and decent quality visuals is massive, a lot of this will have to be moved into a text-based event system. What this entails is that you move from one area to the next by travelling on a menu, and you will have choices to make on how you travel (cautiously to avoid detection, fast to save rations) and what to do when a random event occurs (do I pray at that shrine I found or leave it?). Effectiveness of decisions will ofcourse be affected by your class choice. If you get ambushed/lost etc. you will be thrown into a procedurally generated sequence of rooms with full 3D terrain environment and will have to fight your way out. This mostly applies to the Wilderness, since I was over halfway done with Dungeon Generation code in Irrlicht anyway, but will be downgraded in visuals in Godot.

Here's an image of the game in Godot. Most of the interface is just a mockup, but movement and collision has been completed and tied to animation for the Paladin.

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