Author Topic: Developing online game: text-based 2D game with mud-roguelike-z-MMORPG elements  (Read 4188 times)


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Hi ho!

I've decided to make online game... Why I do it and how do I plan to do it - in my new video:

It's 1st stream with concepts. I'm trying to give explanation why I started this project and which instuments we would use.

Web-page of the game at my tavern:

I'm very interested in your opinions, guys. As a rookie in coding and gamedev, I need all kinds of advices. Would be very glad to hear your feedback!

Kind regards,
Tangar GameGlaz

The only 'gamedev' thing which I made in my life was tileset for TomeNET -
Btw, my tileset is in a public domain, feel free to use it in your projects without any restrictions! :D
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Well, MUDs and RLs are about as different as they come, aside from both being text-based. A MUD is usually story-intensive and highly planned or "built" with little left to chance, whereas RLs are generally more tactical with chance playing a larger role. Not to mention the online/offline divide.

Best of luck to you in any case, it sounds interesting