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Chocolate Pants The Unicorn (now at Alpha .02) $
« on: June 04, 2017, 12:03:40 PM »  $30.00 Win

Chocolate Pants The Unicorn is a Roguelike video game where Chocolate Pants is a supreme being who lives in the 11th dimension (as proposed by Quantum Physics). One day Chocolate Pants snarts (which is to sneeze and fart at the same time - but getting more out of both ends than you bargained for) upon doing so they rip a hole in the 11th dimension with their horn and fall through space-time fabric and into Pandora's box.

Pandora's box attempts to harness Chocolate Pants power - but is unable to fully do so. The result is the creation of a 10 dimensional dungeon that Chocolate Pants has been trapped inside of and your hero must rescue them from!


    Hack and Slash dungeon crawl
    Roguelike - (procedural generation, perma-death)
    10 unique dimensional themed dungeons
    A focus on tactical combat and new enemies on each level
    Unlockable characters as you progress (after death)

Current Status:

Chocolate Pants will eventually be 10 procedurally generated levels!

The demo version currently features only level 1.

The full version currently features level 1 - 2 and will gain access to new levels first.

This allows me to focus on adding gameplay features and balancing the first level of gameplay before adding additional content.

Community Feedback is welcome and encouraged - this is why I am releasing game content early in alpha status to engage roguelike players to improve and refine game play as I go - with your help!


Level 2: Candyland level now available to backers on
    Lollipop Boss now has its own enemy behavior
    Lollipop Boss now shoots lasers out its his eye
    Lollipop Boss now has hypnotize ability
    Lollipop boss now has its own sounds
    Gummy Bears now come in 4 flavors (red,blue,green,yellow)
    Gummy bears now bleed the same color as their flavor (note: blood generally has problems right now and doesn't project properly most of the time - on todo list)
    New debuff icon for hypnotize effect
    GummyBear giggles less often when you hit them
    Bugfix: sometimes using stairs up from level 2 to 1 would hang on load
    monsters spam in console greatly reduced
    monsters play their 'idle' sound randomly instead of only during idle animation - which essentially never happened if you were moving frequently like most active players do
    Bugfix: CandyLand stairs down floor tile was scaled too small and let items fall through floor is now fixed
    new game over screen for backers and updated game over for demo mode
    changed to support only 2 camera positions overhead and 3d-isometric ; many items could not be viewed/clicked, or effects rendered properly from first person or 3rd person so eliminating those views at this time.
    GummyBear now gives SweetTooth debuff on hit
    created new DebuffIcon class to hold all the references to debuff icons ; was getting very messy keeping up with them on each entity that could have debuffs!
    Bugfix: fixed null reference for Jawbreaker
    GummyBear now has a new shader (looks sort of transluscent and has an outline)
    GummyBear is now procedurally generated
    Added code for monsters being able to cast almost any spell that was added to their spells and abilities that have been added procedurally
    Experimenting with Unity's new post-processing effects for topdown camera; adding bloom/dirt, motion blur, and occlusion effects
    Adjusted physics for loot drops so it drops faster (was sort of floating in the air)
    made it so that debuff icons orient & scale corecctly both for players and monsters (shared resource)
    moved item inspector code out of the PlayerInventory code into new InspectorHelper class (cleanup/maintainability)
    added charges to BaseItem class to support items having charges or number of rounds they can last (e.g. torches)
    number of charges item has now shows on item inspector ; only for items that actually have charges though.
    torches now last 30 turns and auto-destroy from inventory once consumed - a charge/turn is consumed only when equipped in either hand

    Candyland floors now have physics! (loot doesn't fall through floor ... oops!)
    Candyland monsters now have proper UI elements (Name panel, debuff panel)
    Candyland level set adjusted to be less 'noisy' visually ; e.g. spiral pattern floor is now bubble gum colored.
    Candyland now has its own skybox
    Donut monster now has its own sounds
    GummyBear monster now has its own sounds
    Lollipop Boss now has most of its sounds ..
    DonutMonster now has his own special attack and behavior ai
    added MonsterFactory class to assist the procedural creation of monsters
    added suffix and prefixes to procedural monster generation
    added scaling of monster size to procedural monster generation
    added SpellAndAbilityFactory class to aid in creation/adding of spells or abilities to both the player and monsters
    fixed bug where when you equip a weapon .. it literally throws it
    fixed bug where everytime you equip a weapon it sounds like you threw it (whether it really threw or not)
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