Author Topic: Settler 7DRL 2017 Success  (Read 2862 times)


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Settler 7DRL 2017 Success
« on: March 12, 2017, 04:52:01 PM »

A civilization roguelike hybrid. There's no research of "ages" and instead of say 8 civs battling it out it's just you vs. the barbarians but there's tile yields and resources and trade routes to independent city states and producing units and city bosses and combat with terrain bonuses, city building, city improvements and goodie huts.

Link with Windows download and play in browser:


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Re: Settler 7DRL 2017 Success
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2017, 02:58:18 PM »
I have been keeping an eye on your project through and it was one which called my attention the most over there. Congrats on your sucess  :)

I have to say though that the game feels unpolished. I know, it' s a 7DRL but it feels half-baked at first impression. I've read the basic instructions and I don't know why I can't build farms near my city even though I have the gold (maybe it's due to the terrain?), for example, or how to interact with other cities or why I keep attacking those red things and nothing ever happens (the text say something like "Deals x damage to Sword")?? Getting killed by barbarians earlier on is common. Simply walking on the ocean tiles makes it feels like an alpha release or test build. Sometimes my @snake will just keep on walking on its own no matter what I try to do (it becomes mildly infuriating, the more your play).

I like the concept. In many ways it's similar to my own Javelin game (which is receiving a major update soon), which is part of why I was excited for it. Overall though it's hard to understand what's happening half of the time. Maybe with a little more work it could become pretty fun?

In special, it feels like I should be able to interact with cities somehow. I totally understand your design of having the stuff built outside the city (Javelin is exactly like that too, even more so in the next release). Wait a minute, I just realized you can see information by hovering the mouse - you should consider showing that on a popup too when space is clicked while in a city tile. Anyways, I still don't know how to build mobs or direct production at all. Is production only used to generating mobs via the barracks? What does food do?

On a plus note it works pretty well in the browser (responsive, loads fast, silences when changing tabs), etc!

There's definitely something wrong with the production system too, I've built a ton of cities, barracks (one per city), factories, farms and I still haven't seen a single pikemen come out of any of them. While I was doing the construction work I had it set to Mounted Knights and haven't seen one get produced in the 10 or 15 minutes while I was building everything else. I've changed all production to pikemen and have been walking around like a doofus and still no unit produced. Earlier on in this game I was able to produce plenty of scouts though.

OK so finally I went in and read the entire manual. Might be that the pikemen require iron (even though it says on the barracks menu that they require horses?) so I change all my barracks to spearmen instead. Still nothing, no matter how much I move around the map. Even if the issue was a lack of iron, the game should be informing me of this or at least grey out options that I cannot produce due to lack of resources in the area, I believe. The reason I didn't read the entire manual first is because I'm well acquainted to this sort of game and wanted to see how much I could work out on my own.

Couple of screenshots

So, sorry if I'm being harsh here but I'm really trying to enjoy the game and, ultimately, it just doesn't work. As I've said before, it feels more like an alpha build than anything ready to play, even though the concept is pretty neat for a "quick-and-dirty" TBS experience (compared to a full 4X game like Civilization).

EDIT running the game on Firefox, if that's useful.
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