Author Topic: Myst [7DRL 2017] [SUCCESS]  (Read 4259 times)


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Myst [7DRL 2017] [SUCCESS]
« on: March 15, 2017, 04:31:42 AM »
Hi everybody!
Myst is my tiny game for 2017's challenge:
Windows, macOS, Android. I'm going to release an HTML version a bit later.

A cursed mist covers the wood. This mist swallows anyone who steps into it, but you are safe while your magic torch is burning. Fight spirits of the mist, collect runes to reveal the Spirit King and slay him to dispel the mist.

This is a compact rogue-lite game where you need to traverse an ever-changing maze. The only part of it that does not change is the part which is not covered by the mist. Use it to your advantage.
  • Collect "fire" runes to replenish your torch level
  • Collect "blood" runes to replenish your health level
  • Collect 5 "way" runes to make a Guardian Spirit reveal himself
  • Spirits do not attack you, but they chase you and may drive you into a corner
  • Avoid attacking spirits when their eyes are glowing (especially red), because that's when they are most dangerous

The game is written in Haxe+OpenFL. For maze generation I use my port of WaveFunctionCollapse (