Author Topic: PokemonRL 7DRLC 2017 Success  (Read 6085 times)


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PokemonRL 7DRLC 2017 Success
« on: April 04, 2017, 03:28:40 PM »
Well, I forgot to post about it here!

You can check the full story here: and play online here:

Your goal is to become a Pokemon master by defeating the gym leaders of the 8 cities in your region. Map is randomly generated, deploy your pokemon using "R" and a direction to fight wild pokemon and gain XP (or to weaken and catch them!) your pokemon will evolve and learn new skills.

Pokemon data is heavily based on the Gen 1 official dataset which I've been gathering from around the net. This is an open source project: contributions are welcome and you are also welcome to use the data in your own game.


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Re: PokemonRL 7DRLC 2017 Success
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2017, 11:57:03 AM »
Bug: on Firefox 52 (64-bit), the standard color version doesn't work, I have to switch to LCD.

Nitpick: 1) some cities are just one house, with no hospital. Given that getting to a town/city from the route can be fairly difficult (and beginner Pokes are often very hurt just from one combat), I think a hospital should be granted. (Alternately some sort of a rest mechanic).

2) there seems to be no saving capacity, if I leave the game I have to start anew.

I've been enjoying the game though! Even the old 7drl++ version! :D