Author Topic: 3d roguelike in progress  (Read 8027 times)


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3d roguelike in progress
« on: June 04, 2017, 11:50:49 AM »

So i feel like it is time to introduce you the game i'm making in my spare time.
It's my first game ever as a programmer (excluding simple practice project like pong/tetris etc), a learning project, and also the game i always wanted to make, and yes - you guess it, it's RPG. But a simple one :)

You can see actual state of the game in this video:

Some bullet points about the game:

- 3d top-down graphics with oldschool spirit.
- realtime/turn based hybrid - If you're constantly moving everthing seems real time, but when you take time to think, the game show you it's turn-based core.
- as much user friendly ROGUELIKE as possible (very simple controls, simple systems)
- heavy inspired by classic cRPG games like DIABLO 1 and roguelikes like NETHACK.
- crossplatform profiles (play on your PC, then switch to your iphone and continue your adventure).
- infinite randomly generated dungeon with perma death. Go as low as you can!

What I have so far:

- realtime/turn based hybrid time system.
- basic randomly generated dungeon system.
- basic combat mechanics
- basic inventory system
- basic loot system
- interactig with map
- a* pathfinding (needs some tweaking)
- destroyable walls system (this was a pain to write, as i wanted "smooth corners" on the walls)
- level manager (endlessly go up/down)
- autorig scripted in MAYA, so i can rig future characters in much faster way.
- main character with some simple anims.
- basic system for character appearance

whats still missing:

- FOG OF WAR system
- monsters, a lot of them
- items, a lot of them
- improved dungeon generating system, so it will create more versatile maps.
- various assets
- chests/containers
- improved combat system (ranged weapons, spells)
- experience and level up system
- UI
- town/shopkeepers
- crossplatform profiles
- JUICE - polishing, particles etc.

I also created devlog here: and i will try to update it as often as i can :)
Hope you like it and would love to hear your feedback so far!


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Re: 3d roguelike in progress
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2017, 12:12:10 PM »
Make it complex, not simple. Everyone is making "simple" roguelikes that are awful as games. The problem is that when you make a "simple" roguelike you can't have both: you can't have a great roguelike and you can't have a great (insert genre here) game if you try to make it too roguelike-ish. If you decide to make a roguelike go complex as soon as you can.


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Re: 3d roguelike in progress
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2017, 07:18:02 PM »
Thanks for your feedback Krice!
My primary goal is to make it user friendly in terms of navigation through the game. I found that most of the roguelikes I played are really hard to dive into (you need to first read the documentations, learn the shortcuts etc. and in my opinion this is too overwhealming for 'normal' players (not experienced in roguelikes). Easy to learn hard to master is something i would love to achieve, but ofcourse I realize it's very hard thing to do. Another thing is im not very experienced programmer, so I prefer to keep it simple at the core and expand later on.
I don't want to implement all at once - I'm trying to keep the game and code 'modular' - on example on first alpha release i want to have only meele combat, at beta i'll ad ranged and later on i will introduce magic etc.

Meanwhile there has been update in the game. Changelog is on and you can see the changes in action here:

Appreciate all the feedback!