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Brogue (now at v1.7.5)
« on: September 26, 2018, 12:07:24 PM »  Win/Mac/Linux Source

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Brogue v1.7.5. Downloads, screenshots, a forum and a wiki can be found at the Brogue website.

New with v1.7.5:

New content:

Added a new key room.

Gameplay changes:

Overhauled the searching system to eliminate unpleasant “search-walking.” Searching now requires five turns in a row, and when completed, will reveal all traps and secret doors in visible tiles up to 10 spaces away and some such secrets up to 20 spaces away. Like auto-resting, searching is interrupted by certain events, but can be resumed without penalty. Monsters can notice you from twice as far away during searching. Automatic searching that occurs with each turn (including when enhanced by the Ring of Awareness) will occur only once per location, so lingering on a space will not reveal additional secrets. Allies and wands of empowerment are much less common, and powerful allies (ogres, trolls and naga) appear on deeper depths. Maces and hammers knock your opponent backward one space when they hit, as do ogres and monsters with the juggernaut mutation. Spears and war pikes will attack from two spaces away. Allies will try to stay within four spaces of you except when you’re resting or searching, and they won’t try to flee out of combat with faster enemies. Wands of empowerment provide less of a boost to creatures’ health, defense, damage and accuracy, but creatures that regenerate at all will regenerate faster (to a limit of 1 health per two turns). Hunting monsters have a 3% chance to lose track of you for each turn they spend outside of your stealth range. Added some monster classes (used by armor of immunity and weapons of slaying), and completed some classes that were missing some thematically appropriate monsters. Captors won’t attack captive golems, nor will poisonous captors attack their captives. Phoenix eggs are immune to weapons. Lumenstones will stack with other lumenstones from the same depth without taking inventory space. Aggravate Monster scrolls and alarm traps will cause affected enemies to rush the player, even if they normally maintain distance or avoid corridors. “Pure mage” feat is not failed by attacking a monster that you can’t see (e.g. a phantom or a submerged eel, unless you are telepathic).

Interface changes:

Auto-rest is interrupted if harmful or obstructive terrain appears or disappears in any of the four spaces next to the player. For example, the auto-rest command can be used to wait until adjacent fire extinguishes, or adjacent gas dissipates, or adjacent obstruction crystals dissolve. Items will keep the same inventory letter when picked up a second time, unless the letter has been taken. Lumenstones stack only with other lumenstones from the same depth. Confirmation is required before voluntarily entering paralysis or confusion gas. Charms of shattering describe their radius. Staffs whose max charges but not current charges have been identified will describe their recharge rate.


Converted all floating point math that can substantively affect gameplay into fixed point to increase portability of saved games and recordings between platforms. Fixed a bug that prevented monsters and allies from casting discord unless the target would also have been a valid negation target. Fixed inaccuracy in the description of transference rings. Fixed a longstanding bug that would rarely cause items to generate inside of walls. Fixed a bug that unsettlingly caused resurrected allies to keep burning if they were burning when they died. Fixed a bug that allowed a seizing monster (krakens or bog monsters) to maintain their grip around a corner that obstructed melee attacks. Fixed a bug that caused allies in the grip of a seizing monster to stop attacking and give up when the player was more than 11 spaces away. Fixed a bug that permitted monsters to be polymorphed into phoenixes (which would not drop eggs when they died) or mangrove dryads (which would be unable to attack the player effectively). Fixed a bug that permitted salamanders’ whip-like attack pattern to be negated. Fixed a bug that caused enchanted whips to be disproportionately likely to be runic relative to comparable weapons. Fixed items and creatures burning up when they land on a temporary hole in a lava field created by descent or pit bloat. Fixed creatures fleeing over sanctuary glyphs. Fixed more causes of “out of sync” errors. Fixed a bug that let monsters drop items on steam vents. Fixed a bug that would prevent auto-ID of commuted rings of known enchantment level but unknown type. Fixed a bug that allowed some good runic weapons to be commuted to +0 or lower without losing the runic ability. Fixed a bug that prevented allied krakens from learning from flying enemies.
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